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Master CAWEB

Our CAWEB Masters programme provides our graduates with comprehensive training in web-design, content creation and management, and localization (translation). The course allows students to develop a wide range of technical web skills, in combination with foreign language study, with English, German, Japanese and Spanish available.


Distance learning course

CAWEB's distance learning option allows students with work commitments to study part-time from home. E-learning software is provided to students throughout their studies.

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Work-study option

The CAWEB programme offers a work-study option in the second year. Students aged under 26 years in the second year of their studies may take advantage of the possibility of following an apprenticeship in a local company, and gaining valuable on-the-job experience whilst studying for their post-graduate qualification.

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Numerous job opportunities

The CAWEB Masters programme trains students for the professions of the future. Our graduates are well equipped to quickly find employment in some of the biggest growth sectors of the economy, including: Internet technologies, multimedia, localization, content management and creation, and communication.

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Master CAWEB - 10th anniversary

The Master CAWEB is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

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CAWEB's Partnership with University Herzen, St Petersbourg

Herzen University St petersbourg

We are pleased to announce that the Master CAWEB has recently signed an accord with the University of Herzen in Russia.

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