Rhino Africa: Where Tourism and the Web Meet

Our week in Cape Town will kick off with a visit to Rhino Africa, which has agreed to host us at their Cape Town offices! The visit will be divided into two parts. The first involves a general presentation of the company, while the second is a workshop on the challenges of digital marketing and localization.

What is Rhino Africa?

Rhino Africa is a travel agency that has taken full advantage of digital technology to establish itself as a leader in the tourism market on the African continent.
Are you fascinated by Africa in general? Well, Rhino Africa’s experts offer their clients an approach to tourism that is innovative, while remaining respectful of current environmental issues. They allow tourists who want to discover the thousand and one wonders of the African continent to satisfy their curiosity. Clients therefore have the considerable advantage of benefiting from the experience of Rhino Africa’s consultants, while enjoying tourism that respects the local people, fauna, and flora.

Why Rhino Africa?

Our students are taking part in a study trip to South Africa to discover the country’s marketing, localization, and design industries.
In this respect, Rhino Africa has established itself as a prime choice with which to start the week. As a digital travel agency, it has, among other things, a large team of digital marketing and SEO specialists, a design department, and web developers specialized in PHP, JS, Python, HTML, and CSS.
In addition, its involvement in both local and national tourism will allow participants to learn more about Cape Town and its surroundings.
Our students will have the opportunity to discover these different aspects of tourism, and will be able to familiarize themselves with the challenges related to this industry.
Indeed, the trip promises to be unforgettable and rich in content – filled with interesting encounters and adventurous twists and turns.
If you want to know more, don’t miss the follow-up on Rhino Africa which will be to be published soon after the trip to Cape Town, both on this blog and on that of the TCLoc Master’s program.
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An article by Maxime Smolis.

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