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Best WordPress Plug-ins of 2018

The plug-ins you choose to use on your site is extremely important. Having the right set of tools will help you achieve better results and significantly reduce the cost of creating a website. Many turnkey solutions are available. In this article, you will discover the most useful free WordPress plug ins which could be essential […]

SEO Translation - person working on a computer

SEO Translation and Attaining Global Success

SEO translation is a translation approach intended to improve your website’s position on search engine results, and therefore boost your site’s effectiveness on an international level. Find out how to carry out a web referencing-oriented translation and which tools you can use to get the best results. SEO translation: Which approaches work best? Firstly, it […]

Word Vectors and NLP Brain

Word Vectors: The Foundation of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Deep learning has myriad applications, however, in the context of technical communication, natural language processing (NLP) is the most relevant, since it is powering the newest generations of machine translation, sentiment analysis, and voice synthesis. In this article, I once again take up the topic of NLP, which I was first introduced to during a […]