Online volunteering: a vast universe for Web professionals and translators

online-volunteeringWritten by : João Pedro Antunes
Translated by : Justine Tarlet
Would you like to contribute to society as a volunteer but you don’t know how?  Are you looking for your first professional working experience, but you don’t know where or which direction to look? If you come from the translation and web fields, the answers to these three questions could be just a click away!

Online volunteering platforms

Nowadays, it is undeniable that the Internet is contributing to new and diverse interactions between different cultures. This in turn increases the overall impact of our actions online. It is for this reason that the opportunity to become a volunteer is becoming more and more accessible to everyone, thanks to new online volunteering platforms that are dominating the internet. Are you curious to find out more about these exciting opportunities? Have a look at the TOP 5 websites and volunteering platforms that are recruiting professionals over the internet:

On this platform, organizations in partnership with the UN, such as UNESCO, UNICEF and others international organizations combine to publish projects and call for volunteers from all over the world.

This British platform combines different volunteers’ profiles and various types of volunteering projects.

A non-profit organization website that proposes projects according to your professional skills and experience.

Broadly similar to the previous web site, this is a community that takes into account your personal skills and selects missions in which you may be able to participate.

With a slightly different philosophy from the previous platforms, this web site allows you to guide humanitarian organizations by mapping possible local crisis that you see and marking this information on a map.

A range of opportunities for translator and Web professionals

The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program is definitely a platform that offers more internet-based opportunities Internet (there are more than 3 thousand Organizations involved). Every International Organization demands translators and experts in Web development, management as well as graphic design to create, update and innovate  content and projects that they wish to publish. Check-out the main fields on this platform and some opportunities titles that we can find over the website:
Translation: in several languages and for different kinds of documents (website contents, on-line courses or reports).
Ex:English-French translation of Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation newsletter
Image and video processing from the production of video and logotype for institutional campaigns to the creation of infographics
Ex:Produce a 2 minute video announcing an online award celebrating African Women
Web development and management there are also proposals for mobile applications development, website editing and improvement, etc.
Ex:Assistance on developing and managing PJUD-BENIN NGO’s website
Of course, many other tasks can be found on the platform, including tasks for writing and Social Media managing professionals.

For the newbies in these fields, a first professional experience

As a recent undergraduate or student, young professionals are entering the labor market to acquire experience to enrich their skills. Within the Internet and translation fields, this is no exception: through on-line volunteering platforms, young professionals have in ideal opportunity to practice a profession, get experience and at the same time, help make the world a better place. So, if you have good knowledge about languages, image processing software and computer languages, experience as an online volunteer would be a more than enriching professional project for you.
As with all volunteering jobs, there is no payment after the project or mission is completed. If you are ready for this, let’s get to work! Don’t hesitate to access websites from the list above as well as the UN volunteering program website and watch the official video by clicking here!

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