Are you looking for a career-oriented program which trains you to work in the web and foreign languages fields? Then why not discover the CAWEB Master’s!

± Duration 1 to 2 years
Í Start of the year September 2021
¿ Level Master’s degree

The CAWEB Master’s presentation

The CAWEB Master’s trains professionals in multilingual and multimedia communication.
This highly career-oriented program enables students to acquire skills in web development as well as management of multilingual websites. Students can also localize (translate) software, websites as well as master multimedia creation (Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.) and project management.
The combination of linguistic skills, technical knowledge and long-term professional experience is what makes the CAWEB Master’s program so special.

The courses

Students can either follow the on-campus program: courses are provided by web and localization professionals in Strasbourg for two days a week, as well as one day for work at home through distance learning for one and half days a week.
The Master’s distance learning program (EAD in French) gives students the opportunity to attend university classes via an online platform as well as take part in online meetings in the evening.

Professional experience

In order to validate their knowledge gained during the Master’s, students have the opportunity to take part in the Master’s apprenticeship program. This enriching program gives students the chance to acquire invaluable professional experience.
The Master’s program in continued education enables employees resuming their studies to supplement their skills and graduate with a Bac+5 degree.

If you are more interested in the technical communication side of things, then why not discover our partner distance learning Master’s program, The TCLoc Master’s. This program aims to train students to be professionals in the fields of localization and technical communication.

The 5 fundamental points of the CAWEB Master’s program

  • Foreign Languages: writing, translation, technical language, oral communication in a professional context
  • Translation/Localization: methods and tools for professional translation and localization
  • Multilingual website creation and animation: webdesign, development, computer engineering thanks to professional tools
  • Visual communication: webdesign, DTP, video editing, ergonomics, UX design
  • Web project management/Communication/Localization and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Project management

The CAWEB Master’s gives students an excellent understanding of the web and localization fields. Students will be well grounded in all areas, steps and processes to manage any web-based projects.


Are you interested in translation? Localization is the art of adapting a product such as software, video games or websites to the international market. Linguistic, cultural and technical adaptation is necessary in order to match the target audience’s expectations.

Web development

The CAWEB Master’s enables students to acquire excellent basics in web design and development, as well as programming and computer engineering.

Web communication

Website animation and visual communication classes enable students get to grips with the fields of web design, DTP, video editing, ergonomics, UX design as well as digital marketing. This is mostly thanks to supervised community management projects.


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