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Master CAWEB, website creation, multimedia and localization

The Caweb Master’s Degree trains students in website creation and translation, on campus or distance learning. Students take classes in web development, webdesign, project management and localization. The strenght strength of this training is the combination of IT and foreign languages, which lead to various professionnal opportunities in the dynamic field of web and new technologies.
The master 2 offers personalized study options, adapted to your academic profile and professionnal career.

Study option

On campus, the students attend courses given by professionnals professionals in Strasbourg.
In distance learning, the master is an opportunity to follow a university program thanks to courses provides via internet, in direct contact with teachers.

Work experience

In the work-study program, the master offers the possibility of gaining very formative professionnal professional experience, either with a work-study contract or with a professionalisation contract (for the students over 30 years old in continuing education). In continuing education, the degree allows employees returning to school to complete their skills and to obtain a Bac+5 diploma.

Discover our partner Master : the TCLoc Master which is dedicated to the various sector of localization and technical communication.

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Project Management

The Master CAWEB prepares students for the career of project manager. The variety of course allows students to understand all phases of implementing a project. Project management courses are provided in Master 2.



Are you interested in translation? Then consider localization ! Localization is the art of adapting products, for example software, video games, or websites, to a foreign market. Both translation and technical adaptation are necessary to respond the target market’s demands.


Web Development

Master CAWEB trains students to create multilingual websites. With a mix of teachers from the academic and professional worlds, students are able to design web projects, calling upon their knowledge of information technology, webdesign, multimedia, and languages..



Web design courses offered in the Caweb degree trains students in using DTP (desktop publishing) Tools as Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. Thanks to these tools, students are able to design user interfaces of high quality, respecting ergonomic standards of the web.

They talk about it

Thanks to the CAWEB master program, we’ve had the incredible chance to fly off to San Francisco. Once there, we were able to meet many professionals and to visit some of the most influential companies in the world such as Google or Oracle. During my experience in the United States, I learned a lot about their working environment and the importance of networking. A few months after returning to France, I’d received an offer to contribute to a translation project in partnership with students from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
Needless to say, enrolling in the CAWEB master program was the best decision for me. This journey has confirmed that my choice of master’s degree was a perfect fit for me. Specifically designed for success, this program offers many opportunities to their students living in France, and anywhere in the world.

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