• Digital marketing
  • Localization
  • Programming
  • Project managing
  • Visual communication
  • Web writing
Alex Zekakis

Alex Zekakis | European solutions architect manager at XTM International

Alex Zekakis holds a BSc in Information Management from the International Hellenic University. He was first a localization project manager on the service provider side. He then moved into different roles, initially leading production teams and then focusing on delivering strategic solutions. Throughout this time, he has always had an active presence in localization-related conferences around the globe, where he delivered engaging presentations and continually addresses advanced industry topics. Alex now holds the role of European solutions architect manager at XTM International where he leads a remote team that is primarily focused on supporting presales activities.

Éric Kolmerschlag

Eric Kolmerschlag | Digital marketing consultant

Web marketing consultant for more than 10 years, Eric Kolmerschlag supports his clients in their SEO campaigns and management of their sponsored links (Google Ads and Bing Ads) and social Ads (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads). Campaign optimization and targeting, choice of media, and mastery of analytics tools are important, but the strategic vision that will enable customers to achieve their goals is even more crucial!

The main objective of his participation in the CAWEB Master’s is to outline all the factors that need to be examined in order to carry out an audit to improve and increase search engine traffic, while also introducing students to the fundamentals of Google Analytics and Google Ads/Google Adwords.

If you want to know more about his background, his references, or the content of his courses, please visit the website for his Adwords and Digital Marketing agency in Strasbourg, Crokseo.com.

Guylaine Mylward | Solutions Architect

I work as a solutions architect for Alpha, a localization company based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.  I have spent my entire professional life in the localization industry, and I have held various positions since my first recruitment, mainly in the field of technical project management or support. I teach two courses in the CAWEB Master’s program: an introduction to memoQ and an introduction to technical writing. Both courses are in English.

Jean Jaeckle

Jean Jaecklé | Freelance digital marketing (SEO and SEA)

Having earned his Master’s in Multimedia Environment Building from the University of Strasbourg in 2003, Jean Jaecklé has specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising (Facebook Ads and Google Ads) and the entirety of digital marketing since 2013.

Since January 2018, he has mainly been working freelance on digital projects for various business sectors in e-commerce (products and accessories for men, sale of watches made out of wood and other eco-friendly products, hypnosis, financial asset management, etc.).

Jean Jaecklé is teaching the Social Media Management module.

Alan & Sarah Presch | SEO and Content Marketing

In 2017, Alan and Sarah founded Retro Digital, a digital marketing agency specializing in multilingual SEO solutions. Sarah’s background as a military-trained translator proficient in six European languages and Alan’s technical knowledge has won them the title of one of the top 6 small agencies in Europe.

Their company is working with companies from around the globe, helping them to increase their sales online. They’ve currently had successes in 38 languages and 42 countries to date.

September 2019 will be their first semester teaching CAWEB, and the whole team are looking forward to getting the next generation of linguists hooked on digital marketing.

Ioana Muresan | Career Development & Blogging Instructor

Having first spent a decade managing highly visible non profits in Romania, whilst honing her program management skills, Ioana Muresan then spent the following decade as a public servant at the Council of Europe, focusing mostly on Learning & Development and IT-related initiatives.
A writer at heart and recent CAWEB graduate, she fell in love with all things content & social and is currently working on a project designed to bring together her diverse experience and her newfound passion for content. Enter TransitionIntoTech.com, a platform that aims to provide inspiration, actionable advice and curated resources to people aiming to transition into tech beyond a first career.
Ioana covers topics such as Career development and Blogging.

Thomas Baguet | Developer and initiation to the web dynamical languages teacher

Graduated among other things of the prestigious Mulhouse Institute of Technology (MIT), Thomas Baguet is before everything an autodidact and curious technophile.
He has been working at the University of Strasbourg since 1999 and has since been the developer within the Pôle Développement Intégration et paramétrage de la Direction Informatique de l’Université.
In charge of the model Initiation to the dynamical web languages since the creation of the CAWEB Master’s program, he also administers the web servers of the formation.

Gabriel Braun | Teacher in HTML, CSS, XML and XSL languages

Gabriel Braun, university lecturer and researcher in the University of Strasbourg, is attached to the ICube laboratory within the IGG (Informatique Géométrique et Graphique) team.
In charge of the educational coordination of the technical teachings at the CAWEB Master’s, he handles the models of the HTML/CSS, and JavaScript languages.
Also specialist of spreadsheets and author of the book Excel Autoformation, he teaches this discipline at the UFR LSHA.

Slimen Araf | Digital project manager and web development teacher

Slimen Araf is a digital project manager. He supports SMEs in their digital transformation. Thanks to his technical profile (development, server administration, data structure…), he shares his expertise in web development and digital marketing to second year CAWEB students, particularly through Responsive Web Design and project monitoring.

Eric ChristoffelTeacher in dynamic websites creation in PHP/SQL and in XML/XSL

Eric Christoffel is a teacher and researcher at the University of Strasbourg and works in association with the laboratory of Educational Sciences. He is fond of new technologies as well as recent teaching methods, especially distance or e-learning.
As a teacher, he provides many courses in web programming (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, XSL…) and teaches in several training programs such as the Diplôme d’Université de Webmaster (DU Webmaster), the Licence Professionnelle Activités et Techniques de Communication (LPATC) and, of course, the CAWEB Master’s where he shares his passion for web programming.

Yannick Laurent | IT & ED consultant, teacher, trainer and CEO at Adenora

Speaker in several schools such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the INET or the ISEG Marketing School, Yannick Laurent invests a lot in the digital domain.
He is also proactive since he assists the students of the CAWEB Master’s program in their project of re-melting the website of the formation or in many other projects.
He founded and currently manages the consulting company specialized in “Smart Education & Digital Marketing”: Adenora.

Emmanuel Winstein | Content management systems (CMS), webdesign and Web animation teacher

One of the founders of the communication agency La Couleur du Zèbre, Emmanuel Winstein is in charge of the agency. He works there as a project manager, trainer and developer. He is specialized in content management systems and developed the CMS Nina.
These are the skills he teaches CAWEB students in his Multimedia Creation and Content Management System courses. With a good balance between theory and practice, he teaches students how to create models of websites and the use of the most popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal and PrestaShop.
These essential skills can serve as a springboard for those who want to get involved in development and allow others to have the basic knowledge necessary for all web professions.

Delphine Bernhard | Associate professor in Informatics

Delphine Bernhard has been an associate professor in Informatics at the Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg since September 2011. She has been in charge of the IT department of the Faculty of Languages and co-responsible for the Master of Language Technologies since September 2016. Her research work is in the fields of automatic language processing, text mining and the creation of lexical resources, particularly for poorly endowed languages such as Alsatian dialects.
As part of her CAWEB Master’s intervention, Delphine Bernhard teaches a course on databases.

Clément Lefebvre | E-commerce manager

After having been project manager and engineer for software editor of e-reputation, Clément develops the commercial part of online selling companies.
He is in charge of two classes at the CAWEB formation:

  • The economic models on the internet which aims to allow to the future web professionals to understand the economic model of their clients or employers in order to perfectly meet the expectations of companies.
  • The class of Creation of added value on the internet: the creation of added values on the internet has become a real lever of development to face the competition but also a means to offer to internet users an astounding experience reward. The target consists in defining what the value added could be and how possible it is to create it.

Jérémie Bouchet | Co-manager of the E-commerce Blackbird Agency and Magento® & E-commerce instructor

In 2004, Jérémie Bouchet has founded JBCréation, a company that aims to help businesses and agencies with their web challenges. He has also started the fair-trade music platform DiskOverMusic.com and is the co-founder of Blackbird Agency.
He chose quickly the way of e-commerce and innovates on the music ground by coming up with an initiative of selling fair music. In 2005, he founded the Blackbird Agency which offers made-to-measure e-commerce solutions to shopkeepers.
He has been teaching in CAWEB Master’s since 2014 as a Magento® professional but also in the e-commerce domain. He transmits the students his precious knowledge about this extremely powerful platform as well as e-commerce with both methodology and fun.

Julio Viskovich | Marketing instructor

After teaching digital marketing in business schools and Universities, Julio Viskovich was one of Forbes Top 30 Social Media Influencers in 2014. He has also worked with Microsoft and HootSuite as a sales and social media trainer.
Julio Viskovich teaches social media in the CAWEB and TCLoc Master’s degrees.

Mathilde Guillemain | Content marketing teacher

After having received a modern literature licence, Mathilde Guillemain integrates the CAWEB Master’s in apprenticeship at Hakisa as a community manager and bilingual marketing assistant. Since October 2015, she has done many tasks within the marketing pole: marketing, web writing, commercial, design and ergonomy.
As a speaker in the second year of the CAWEB Master’s, she teaches content marketing.

Christophe Richer | E-Marketing Consultant & SEO Specialist

Christophe Richer is a Traffic Manager and SEO specialist at the Plus que Pro agency.
Certified in Google Analytics and backed by more than 9 years of experience in communication and e-commerce, he teaches the first year students all the major and current referencing techniques with professionalism and precision.

Max Schleiffer | Social media consultant

Since the end of 2010, Max Schleiffer has been a certified social media consultant and social networks trainer. Max assists many companies and professionals in each decisive step of their communication on blogs and social networks across different areas: development of social media strategy, contents creation, management of communities on social networks, creation of advertising campaigns…

Chris Raulf | SEO Expert

Chris is an international, multilingual SEO expert and the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency in Colorado, USA. Chris and his team assist local, national and international customers with their search engine optimization, social media and content marketing training and consulting needs.
Chris is also an experienced keynote speaker and offers self-paced and non-technical online SEO training worldwide.

Belén Agulló García | Video game localization Instructor

Belén is a compulsive lifelong learner. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting Studies, an MA in Audiovisual Translation, and a PhD in Translation and Intercultural Studies. But her experience in the localization industry goes beyond the theory. Belén has worked in the game localization industry for more than 5 years in different positions (PM, training specialist, marketing strategist and copywriter, translation manager, and quality and innovation director). She combined her years in this industry with her true calling: training others. She has been teaching game localization and subtitling technologies in several MA programs and workshops in Spain, UK, and France for more than 5 years. As a continuous learner and a passionate trainer, Belén now leads Nimdzi’s eLearning program with a Design Thinking approach aimed at providing the best learning experience to Nimdzi Partners. As an academic with hands-on experience in the media industry, she thoroughly leads the research for the media localization landscape. Apart from all the studying and work, Belén loves binge-watching a good show with good company and cares about the environment and animal welfare.

Hélène Bajon | Specialist in localization

Hélène Bajon is a graduate from EDHEC Business School and has worked several years in the field of translation and localization. Within her family-owned translation company, Version Internationale, she worked as a Business Developer for 3 years, while also in charge of marketing and digital strategy projects and helping to set up a formalized Vendor Management department.
As such, she gained thorough knowledge of the main trends and issues in the industry, valuable experience with regards to client expectations at national and international levels, and understanding of translators’ expectations and challenges.

Christine Breyel-Steiner | English/French translation teacher

Christine Breyel-Steiner has been an independent translator since 1990. She translates from English and German to French. Specializing in the fields of technology (electricity, electronics, machine-tools…), medicine (cardiology, virology, medical instructions, etc.), medical electronics, localization (website translation) and law, her sphere of competence is vast.
Since 1996, she has been teaching English/French translation in Licence LEA and CAWEB Master’s. She holds a translator’s diploma from the Institut de Traducteurs et d’Interprètes of Strasbourg and has also completed the training program “Computer-assisted translation with TRADOS tools,” and another program on the software translation tool Passolo.
Her CAWEB Master’s classes provide a good approach to translation. They are also adapted to localization, involving the translation of website content or texts directly related to our Master’s.

Sergio Calvo Paez | Translator & Localizer specialized in web, technical and software translation

Sergio Calvo Paez began in the translation and localization industry in 2001. Curious and passionate about everything, he discovers very early his taste for languages and a bit later finds interest in new technologies ; two sectors that he quickly found complementary. He sees in translation as a way of helping others.
Wishing to share his experience and passion, he became a distance teacher in the CAWEB Master’s where he provides interesting classes on localization project management with both professionalism and humor.

Mark Childress | Practical Terminology Management speaker

Mark Daniel Childress earned a B.A. in German and political science from Humboldt State University in California and an M.A. in German and linguistics from Heidelberg University in Germany. He started at SAP in Walldorf, Germany as a translator in 1995 and became the terminology manager in 1998. He is a past president of the German Association for Terminology (Deutscher Terminologie-Tag / DTT). Mark gives frequent lectures and training on terminology management to technical writers, translators, and universities and writes articles on terminology work for publications including MultiLingual and edition, the journal of the DTT.

Beatriz Sanchez | University lecturer and researcher of terminology

Beatriz Sanchez is a University lecturer and researcher in applied linguistics at the Lexicon research group. Her work focuses on corpus analysis strategies and the development of innovative terminology resources.
She holds a double doctorate in Language Sciences from the University of Strasbourg (France) and in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Granada (Spain). She also teaches terminology in the first year of the CAWEB Master’s degree.

Gaëtan Chretiennot | Translator, founder of the professional translation agency Six Continents

Professional translator and localization specialist, Gaetan Chretiennot is also co-founder of the agency Six Continents.
He participates in CAWEB as a certified SDL Trados Studio trainer for the advanced level. His classes allow the students to become familiar with the software’s different options, and more specifically the translation and localization project management possibilities. The combination of theoretical questions and practical exercises ensures that students will acquire the skills necessary for those who see their future in the translation-localization field.

Renate De La Paix | Director and founder of the CAWEB Master’s, teaching in introduction to localization

As she deeply studied foreign languages, especially English, Spanish and French, followed by a thesis in Germanic Studies, Renate de la Paix worked in large banks. She has also been a translator, interpreter and teacher for adults within several structures, among which the Office Franco-Allemand pour les échanges en formation professionnelle ou la Fortbildungsakademie der Wirtschaft.
She created the CAWEB Master’s program in 2002, as well as the Technical Communication and Localization Master in 2016. Convinced that the University can deliver a lot to the professional world, and reciprocally, she does everything one can to come up with the most adapted formation to the evolution of communication professions.

Alexander Gehring | Creator and Director of the evival Technologies

Alexander Gehring, creator and director of the Evival Technologies group. Evival works in the implementation of complex IT applications and projects thanks to his good knowledge of advanced technologies. Alexander Gehring works as a consultant and project manager specializing in web and marketing technologies.
He is in charge of the German courses in the second year of the CAWEB Master’s. His courses entirely in German teach students how to manage web projects and analyze web solutions.
Thanks to his professional experience, Alexander teaches students the practical aspects of the working world in Germany, making it easier for them to integrate into a German-speaking company.


Philippe Papillon | Entreprise Project Manager

Holder of a Translation Diploma from the University of Saarbrücken, Philippe Papillon is the Enterprise Project Manager at the translation company Tradex since September 2009 and a lecturer in translation from German and English to French in CAWEB Master’s.
Mr. Papillon also teaches courses on the workflow of a translation project.

Uta Seewald-Heeg | Specialist and in charge of localization of softwares and translation / terminology technologies

Teaching at the University of Anhalt in Köthen (Saxe-Anhalt) just in the middle of Germany, Uta Seewald-Heeg holds a Bachelors as well as a Masters degree in localization.
She is a member of the tekom, of the Deutscher Terminologietag (DTT) and of several other linguistics associations. She published many articles about translation technologies and managed the working group of automatic translation of the GSCL. Among other things, she currently works in automatic translation and postedition. At the same time, she studies the phenomem of linguistics and etymological visualising of German.
Find out more on the University of Anhalt website.

Gianna Tarquini | Video game localizer

Formerly a researcher and tutor in audiovisual translation at the University of Bologna, Gianna Tarquini has started as an independent translator and a video game tester. She is currently specialized in video games and software localization and has worked for famous companies.
Passionate about her field of work and research, video games, she offers a dynamic and comprehensive course on the subject. This course allows students to approach the different aspects of video game localization. Step by step, switching between theory and practical examples, Gianna guides the students through the complexity of such a project. The quick quizzes included in her course allow the students to react and make sure that they understand the subject.

François Massion | Manager of D.O.G. GmbH and Lecturer in terminology

François Massion is the manager of D.O.G. Dokumentation ohne Grenzen GmbH, a company specialized in translation and documentation technologies. He has a teaching assignment in terminology at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) and in translation technologies at the German Department of the BFSU University in Beijing.
Localization and quality management are some more of his professional interests. His expertise is further underlined by his membership of the Advisory Board of the DIT (Deutsches Institut für Terminologie).
As a speaker in the first year of the CAWEB Master’s, he teaches terminology specialized for web content. Semantic and terminology technologies are very challenging fields and François Massion is always happy to share his knowledge of these domains with international students.

Benjamin Samson | Chief project manager and co-founder of Blackbird Agency, CAWEB lecturer, teacher at the MJM Design school, Strasbourg

At the head of the project management department at Advisa for 10 years, Benjamin Samson is now dedicating himself to his own agency: Blackbird Agency, which is specialized in the implementation of e-commerce solutions through the powerful CMS Magento.
With over 18 years of experience in web project management, Benjamin is a genuine and versatile person with a variety of expertise in consulting, analysis, UX design, storyboarding, etc. His skills are numerous and constitute a real asset for the CAWEB Master’s.

Alexander Netzel | Communication teacher and marketing director

In his business life, he works as a senior manager at adesso SE in Walldorf, Germany. He holds a Diploma (Diplom-Kaufmann) in Business Administrations from the University of Mannheim and a Bachelor in Business Administrations from the Business School of University of Lund, Sweden.
Alexander Netzel’s course is a perfect combination of both theoretical and practical aspects of communication and presentation. His course makes students more self-confident and gives them tips for improvement in oral presentations in front of an audience.

Gaël Muller | Digital project management and E-commerce teacher

Gaël Muller began his career in 1999 as an e-marketing consultant at an independent web agency. Today he manages FANVOICE, a start-up specialized in participative innovation and assists several important brands in their digitalization.
Recognized in the field of consulting, he has collaborated with EDF, AXA, Renault, BNP Paribas and Dassault. His expertise covers numerous fields today, such as online customer loyalty, social networks, e-commerce, mobile marketing and acquisition strategies both innovative (buzz, gamification…) and traditional (SEO, SEM, CRM, data mining…).
He has been teaching digital strategy, project management and e-commerce to his students for around ten years.

Adrien Bouvel | Lecturer in Law and teacher in Multimedia and Information Systems Law

Adrien Bouvel holds a PHD in Law and is a lecturer specialized in various fields such as trademarks, internet domain names, databases and copyright laws among others. Since 2000, he has published numerous articles and works related to his field of study.
In the CAWEB Master’s program, Adrien Bouvel teaches first year classes with an emphasis on raising awareness about multimedia and information systems laws during a both comprehensive and interesting course.

Guillaume Lacreuse | IT Project Manager at Socomec SAS

After having given courses on ERP, information systems and project management for 8 years at the University of Strasbourg, Guillaume Lacreuse has become the SAP project manager for the OSRAM company in 2008 and then Project Manager at Socomec SAS (industrial group of 3500 people).
As a genuine specialist, he prepares the students to professional life in the CAWEB Master’s and assists them for their apprenticeship projects in second year. He teaches them essential methods to write a good specification brief through both fun and enriching workshops. Group exchanges and reflection on various issues encountered in digital projects are an important part of the classes.

Saad Aboukhalid | Account Delivery Manager / ERP Project Manager

His courses are based on recruitment, persuasion and negotiation techniques and composed of workshops and exercises. The objectives are to get students ready to find a job and to teach them how to prepare for interviews, how to highlight their qualities and strengths and how to avoid trick questions.
Saad Aboukhalid covers the following topics: recurring interview questions, tips and tricks, ways of communicating, the importance of verbal and body language during an interview.
The theoretical part is only a small part of the course. The major part of the course in the form of workshops/exercises or interactions with students.

Photo en noir et blanc de Mark Nightingale. Il porte des lunettes et une chemise

Mark NightingaleTeacher of Project management, Web Development and Writing for the Web in English

Mark Nightingale is Head of Web at the investigative journalism non-profit OCCRP, where he oversees the organization’s growing web team, overall web presence, and visual storytelling for their investigations. A CAWEB graduate himself, he completed an apprenticeship at the digital agency Advisa in Strasbourg as a Junior Project Manager during his studies, before launching his own web development consultancy business in 2014 which he successfully grew over 6 years. He is a member of the CAWEB and TCLoc teaching teams at the University of Strasbourg, notably teaching Project Management, Web Development and Writing for the Web, as well as providing tutorial-type support for students.

He is active in several other nonprofit ventures, in particular co-founding and managing Quai n°10, a co-working space in Strasbourg.

Aneth Thaumiaud | Artistic designer at La Couleur du Zèbre and academic teacher

After graduating in Graphic and Multimedia Communication, Aneth Thaumiaud started as a freelance graphic designer from 1998 to 2008.
In 2008, Emmanuel Winstein and herself created the communication agency La Couleur du Zèbre, of which she is the artistic director.
With her experience in graphic design, communication and ergonomics, Aneth Thaumiaud teaches UX courses in the 2nd year of the CAWEB Master’s degree.

Dmitry Abolmasov | Video production manager – Die Ligen France

Dmitry was a CAWEB student between 2015 and 2017.
He then became self-employed within in the video sector (promotional videos, documentaries, etc.).
Dmitry is currently a member of the Die Ligen France team (a Stuttgart-based company) and is in charge of video production of various sports for social networks and tactical analysis.

Carles Torrent i Vilà | Photography specialist, community manager & freelance SEO

Specialized in industrial, fashion and event photography, he started working in the web field in 1996 and focused on digital photography. He created his own advertising agency, holded positions as webdesigner and artistic director as well as e-marketing consultant and web project director in various public entities.
He is a founding member of the cultural association Fons Josep Torrent Buch (AJTB) and a volunteer in web communication and social networks for the social association PROBENS.
Today he is working as a freelance community manager and SEO consultant for various associations and companies, and focuses on art, cultural and educational projects.
Within the CAWEB Master’s, he offers the course “Photography, from RAW to final customer” teaching field work, from post-production and retouching to the final work.

Stéphanie Walter | Web and mobile UI & UX graphic designer

Stéphanie started her career in Germany, then worked in France. She is now working in Luxembourg as a UX and UI Designer. She’s specialized in complex interface design, mobile products and applications, and responsive web design. Find out more about her services on her personal website.
She writes often and enjoys sharing her knowledge on her personal blog, as well as various other English-speaking blogs such as Smashing Magazine, Codrops, Onextrapixel and Noupe. Stéphanie also gives lectures at conferences all around the world.
As a CAWEB lecturer, she is teaching Responsive Web Design to distance learning students.

Antoine Rolin | Video Manager at Amopix agency

Antoine works at Amopix, an audiovisual creation agency. Within the agency, he directs and post-produces videos for the various companies and institutions.
He teaches CAWEB students how to produce short media content for web use. He also trains them in video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. This gives them the necessary skills to create video content intended for publishing on websites or social media platforms.

Coralie Leveille-Menez | Project Manager and Webdesigner

Coralie has been working (a lot) as a project manager and (a little bit) as a webdesigner for several years now for Alsacréations, a Strasbourg web agency.
She is always evolving with a keen interest and lots of passion in all web-related fields, in particularly by animating the Strasbourg web community through the event organized with the WdStr NGO.
She puts User Experience at the heart of all her projects and hopes to help CAWEB students familiarize themselves with this important web concept.

Boris Epp | Graphic Design & Adobe Creative Suite

Working as a freelance graphic designer since 2010 after a 4 year experience in a Paris agency, Boris Epp is a multi-talented graphic designer, specialized in the Adobe Creative Suite software.
He has been teaching CAWEB students since 2014. Strongly motivated and passionate, he strives to create a strong basis for his students in order to ease their entrance into the professional world. He achieves this by sharing his own personal tips and by focusing more specifically on the most efficient work methods.

Joanne Maul | Teacher in web animation

Graduate of the CAWEB Master’s program, she has taught the web animation development for several years. She currently works at the University of Strasbourg as a communication manager and as a webmaster for the Université Ouverte des Humanités (UOH) whose main mission is to develop the Ressources Éducatives Libres (OER) with the TICE cells with the partner universities.
Passionate of the composition of static and animated pictures, she teaches the distance learning students of the Master’s degree to create banners and interactive inserts thanks to the Animate CC software.

Laurent Antonczak | Mobile Social Media Teacher & Multicultural Entrepreneur

Laurent Antonczak is the director of ATZ119 and an entrepreneur specialized in digital strategies and mobile and social media technologies.
He also gives courses in France and New Zealand and has namely been rewarded as a researcher at Colab – AUT University on mobile technologies.
He has been giving distance and classroom courses in the CAWEB Master’s since 2014. He teaches the students all sorts of techniques on how to use the mobile video technology.

Shelly Davies | Web writing teacher

Shelly Davies, managing director of Hamilton-based Shelly Davies Writing & Training, bounced unconventionally and entertainingly into the New Zealand communications landscape in 2012. With a brand that’s exploded across a surprising mix of sectors and industries she’s now leading the pack. Her writing is sharp, sought after, and highly paid. Her trainings are high energy, instantly impactful, and booked up to 2 years in advance.
She gives second year students the basics of professional redaction for the distance learning program.