Entry Requirements for CAWEB Master’s Program

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Note: the application period for 2018-2019 is closed.


Target candidates

  • Graduates of Applied Foreign Languages
  • Graduates of Modern Languages, in particular, those specializing in Translation Studies
  • Engineers, IT specialists with a very high level of proficiency in two foreign languages (French and English for non-­native French speakers, English­ and German, or English­ and Spanish, for native French speakers)
  • Individuals working in the fields of multimedia and IT, or those specialized in languages, with at least three years of professional experience, as well as individuals who wish to further their skills and obtain a Master's degree

Additional requirements

  • Excellent knowledge of French, English and one other language (e.g. German, Spanish, etc.)
  • Good computer science skills
  • Strong interest in the program content
  • Strong motivation and work ethic
  • Ability to carry out intensive work in a team

The TCLoc Master's program

So, you have a profile that is oriented more towards technical communication? Click here to learn more about the TCLoc Master's program. This degree is designed for professionals in the fields of localization, technical writing, and project management.

Entry Requirements into First Year

Holders of a Bachelor degree in Applied Foreign Languages automatically qualify to enter the course.

In other cases, you qualify to enter the course on the basis of your personal and/or professional records under the following conditions: a degree equivalent to a three years higher education or a accreditation of knowledge acquired through experience; a very high level of proficiency in languages.

Selection is based on personal record and will eventually be followed by a language test.

Entry Requirements into Second Year

Selection based on examinaton of applicants' file, written test and oral interview alongside the following prerequisites:

  • Bac +4 (4 year graduate degree) or professional experience of at least 3 years or Accreditation of Previous Experience;
  • A very good level in French, English and a third language (see Taught Languages);
  • Basic knowledge of software and taught languages (see languages and software for website creation, image processing and translation).

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