Applications for the second year

How can I enroll on the second year of the CAWEB Master’s (on-campus or distance learning)?

CAWEB Master’s on-campus program

The on-campus program can be done as a work-study program (apprenticeship contract for under 30 years-old, a professionalization contract for over 30 years-old) or through continuing education.

For the work-study program option, you will need a signed apprenticeship / professionalization contract to apply. Nevertheless, the CAWEB Master’s can grant a limited number of places to deserving students and / or coming through an exchange program with a foreign university, even if they have not (yet) found an apprenticeship.

Capacity: 20 students

CAWEB Master’s distance learning program

The distance learning program is primarily aimed at students in continuing education, but it is also proposed as a work-study program (apprenticeship contract for under 30’s or professionalization contract for more than 30 years-old).

  • In continuing education,  specific fees apply: € 5315 (payable in 5 separate payments).
  • For apprenticeship or professionalization contracts, no fees apply.

Capacity: 20 students

Steps to follow:

  1. Complete an online-application from April 1st. The information and materials that you will need to include will be in your admission file.
  2. After a pre-selection based on the application file, you will be invited for an interview and, if applicable, you will be asked to take a series of language tests. In some cases, these can be performed online (via email and Skype).
  3. If your application is successful, we will guide you individually through the following steps. There will be two admission sessions, one in spring and one in late summer.
  4. Capacity: 20 studentsbegin from September 23rd for both programs.
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