Applying for the first year ( from April 2020 )

Applications are from April 12th to May 31st, 2020.


  • To apply, you need to go on the eCandidat platform.
    • For students who are already registered at the University of Strasbourg, you just have to log in with your digital work space (ENT) username and password.
    • For students who are not yet enrolled at the University of Strasbourg, you need to create an account (you can do this at the very bottom of the eCandidat page)
  • Then you need to select “Faculté des langues” as the general field of studies
  • And then select the CAWEB Master’s which is “Master 1 Traduction et Interprétation : Création de sites web multilingues, localisation et gestion de contenu”.

For non-EU students who come from one of the 42 countries covered by Campus France and living there, the procedure is different: you need to apply through the Campus France website.

The CAWEB Master’s is in the catalogue, with the two other Masters we have, under the reference 32038-8064.

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You need more information about the first year entry requirements and how to apply?

Applying for the second year

Applications start in april 2020.

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You need more information about the second year entry requirements and how to apply?

Who can do the CAWEB Master’s?

  • Holders of a degree in Applied Foreign Languages
  • Holders of another degree in languages, including translation
  • Holders of a degree in communications, computing or engineering with a very good level in two foreign languages (French and English for non-French speakers, English / German, English / Spanish, English / Japanese, English / Russian or English / Italian for French students)
  • Employees in the fields of digital or visual communication, computer engineering or foreign languages who have at least three years of professional experience and who wish to supplement their skills and graduate with a Bac+5 degree.


  • Excellent knowledge of French, English and another language (German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian or Russian), excluding non-French speaking students for whom the knowledge of French and English is sufficient.
  • Good computer skills
  • Great interest for the content of the training modules in the fields of the web and the localization
  • Strong motivation and ability to work independently (distance-learning courses form the first year of Master’s)
  • Will to be fully engaged within the Master’s program and to and take part to the communication strategy around the program.
  • Ability to intensive teamwork
  • Be equipped with a computer (Windows is better since students will be working on localization software only available on this operating system) and a good internet connection
  • Be equipped with a headset.

The TCLoc Master’s

Are you more attracted to technical communication and/or would you prefer to do a Master’s degree in English?

Discover our partner Master’s, the TCLoc Master’s. The aim is to train students for careers in technical writing, localization, project management and much more. In addition to this Master’s degree, it also leads to a “Technical Communicator” certification issued by Tekom, Europe’s largest and most recognized communications association.

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