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CAWEB students follow a program focused on foreign languages and digital communication that includes web development, webdesign, project management but also translation, localization and web writing.

The CAWEB Master’s, a career-oriented program

The CAWEB Master’s can be completed in two years: the first year takes place on-campus and the second year takes place either on-campus or by distance learning). This program is the only Master’s degree in France to combine translation, localization and digital communication. The real strength of the CAWEB Master’s is also having the opportunity to do an apprenticeship during the second year. Students can thus apply and strengthen their knowledge in a company.


Do you hold a Bachelor’s degree? Would like to evolve in the fields of languages and web? The CAWEB Master’s may be for you!

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And after?

This Master’s is a great mix between a Master in Foreign Languages and a Master in digital communication and gives an overview on the web world. It trains students for careers in the fields of localization, SEO but also to web development, project management and webdesign.

The CAWEB Master’s is a highly career-oriented program which is perfect when you hold a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Applied languages (LEA). Indeed, foreign languages, mainly English, play an important role as many courses are entirely taught in a foreign language.

Moreover, we got used to attend classes on diverse fields when studying in Bachelor’s. When beginning the program, we can again see how many different units are taught. It enables us to learn the basics needed for project manager jobs, web developer, web designer or localizator. Thus, throughout the first year, we have time to find our way and in which field we would like to reach our career goals.

Finally, the low number of students and the various projects to complete also means teamwork and helping each other. Indeed, this way of working is required in most job opportunities of this Master’s. Of course, a good atmosphere reigns among all students of the class!

Aline Fassel – Student in first year of CAWEB Master’s – Class of 2018/2019