discovering typescript

Discovering TypeScript

What is TypeScript? TypeScript is not a new programming language, but rather a typed superset of JavaScript that transpiles to plain JavaScript. In other words, a valid JavaScript code is also a valid TypeScript code. Developed and maintained by Microsoft since 2012, TypeScript is designed to solve the shortcomings of JavaScript when developing large-scale applications. […]

Cours du professeur Naoto Nishio

Defining Localization: An Introduction by Dr. Naoto Nishio

You must have heard of “translation” before; however, the term “localization” could still be a mystery to you. This was indeed the case for us. That’s why on the 14th of October, Caweb students specializing in Japanese, were offered the opportunity to attend an exclusive course on localization, presented in Japanese by Dr. Naoto Nishio. Who […]

Designing Virtual and Augmented Reality Interfaces

 For several years now, virtual and augmented reality technology has developed at an unprecedented rate, while the applications of these technologies are no longer limited to gaming. For example, important stakeholders in e-commerce see great promise in these relatively new technologies. Despite the growing democratization of virtual reality headsets and the ever-improving performance of smartphones […]