UX design

What You Need to Know About UX Design

Taking Stock: What is UX Design? UX stands for “User eXperience“. More concretely, UX refers to responses and perceptions that result from the use, and anticipation of using, a product, service or system. What is the purpose of UX design? To make a site accessible and user-friendly. UX design consists in designing a site and […]

SEO Translation - person working on a computer

SEO Translation and Attaining Global Success

SEO translation is a translation approach intended to improve your website’s position on search engine results, and therefore boost your site’s effectiveness on an international level. Find out how to carry out a web referencing-oriented translation and which tools you can use to get the best results. SEO translation: Which approaches work best? Firstly, it […]

le droit d'auteur et les images dans le web

Copyright and Images on the Web

While researching the sculptor Auguste Rodin as part of a university homework assignment, I started thinking about the legal implications of using images obtained from the Web. A few online searches allowed me to come to the conclusion that I was not risking anything; however, none of the blogs I consulted provided me with a […]