Corporate Training

It is worthwhile for businesses to embrace corporate training to develop the skills of its employees, enabling them to occupy more important positions and carry out essential tasks.

If an employer decides to invest in corporate training, then it can create a training plan, that is to say a summary of all the corporate training actions adopted by the employer.

Why choose the CAWEB Master’s degree?

The CAWEB Master’s degree provides training in the fields of languages and multimedia. It places great emphasis on linguistic and intercultural skills, including localization, and enables students to acquire technical skills essential to website creation. The CAWEB Master’s meets the current needs of the labor market, particularly in the web and localization industries.

The first year of the CAWEB Master’s must be done on-campus, at the University of Strasbourg. However, the second year can be done via a combination of work-study contract and on-campus or distance learning tuition.

corporate training increases productivity

The aims of the training

The purpose of the training is for the employee to acquire skills that cannot be directly used as part of his duties, but which are part of a planned change or modification of his duties in the context of his/her employment contract. For the employer, it is to keep its employees while allowing them to acquire new skills in order to entrust their new responsibilities.

What are the necessary steps?

Prior consent of the employee must first be obtained

The employer must firstly obtain the written consent of the employee, and training must take place during, or after, working hours.

If the employee consents to doing the training, the employer must establish, prior to the start of his/her training, what the nature of the company’s commitments are if the training is successful (i.e promotion, raise in salary etc.).

Useful links on corporate training:

For more information on French corporate training legislation, visit the French public service website.