COVID-19 CAWEB Master’s: 100% online


In response to the current circumstances and COVID-19, the University of Strasbourg had to adapt its way of working. The CAWEB Master’s also!

Measures taken by the University of Strasbourg

Although the start of the new school year takes place almost exclusively on site, we are committed to following the recommended sanitary measures

  • Wearing masks is compulsory for our students and teachers in our classrooms
  • The space for the CAWEB students will be automatically ventilated for ten minutes between classes
  • CAWEB Students will also have to disinfect the equipment they have used

The university also provides students with a set of recommendations on the presence of a covid-19 case. 

Measures taken by the CAWEB Master’s

For students interested in completing their Master’s degree in full safety, the second year of the CAWEB Master’s degree is now 100% accessible remotely, with no obligation to take the exams in the premises of the University of Strasbourg. Everything has moved to online and complies with the adequate procedures to complete the degree. 

Are you looking for an online or remote Master’s degree in web technologies or digital marketing where you can make use of your linguistic skills? The CAWEB Master’s degree has been offering teaching in these fields for the past 10 years and gives you the possibility to directly apply for the second year of the course.

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree and have experience in one of the fields taught in CAWEB – languages, communication, marketing, web design, web development – you may  directly apply for the second year in remote learning.

Applications for the year 2020-2021 are now closed. However, distance learning will still be possible next year.

To do so, you have to submit a request for your personal and professional skills to be validated by an official administrative procedure called “Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels” (VAPP). You can contact us for more information about this.

You can find all the information regarding the Master’s distance learning program in our related section.