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Website Creation

From graphic design to front-end development, by way of video production and localization, the different aspects of website production are approached throughout the CAWEB program.


Today, the localization market is booming. In CAWEB, courses are offered on localizing websites, software, and video games.

Project Management

A project manager knows how to manage and drive a project, plan tasks, and mobilize the necessary resources. The various disciplines approached in CAWEB give our students a versatile project management background.


Each year, CAWEB welcomes students from different backgrounds. Whether your background is technical or oriented toward languages, the Master combines these disciplines and allows its students to grow toward their professional ideal.

Cross-disciplinary approach

The Master CAWEB offers attractive courses given by web professionals. Do you know what SEO, responsive design, front-end development and community management are? The Master will introduce you to the fields!

A Master’s degree from the University of Strasbourg,
Faculté Langues et Sciences Humaines Appliquées

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Master CAWEB trains students to create multilingual websites. With a mix of speakers from the academic and professional worlds, students are able to design web projects, calling upon their knowledge of information technology, graphic design, multimedia, and languages.



Are you interested in translation? Then consider localization! Localization is the art of adapting products, for example software, video games, or websites, to a foreign market. Both translation and technical adaptation are necessary to respond the target market’s demands.



The Master CAWEB prepares students for the career of project manager. The variety of instruction allows students to understand all phases of implementing a project. Project management courses are provided in both the Master 2 on-campus and distance-learning options.


The Master CAWEB trains students in website creationand translation, on campus or remotely. Students take classes in development, content management, and localization. The strength of this training is the combination of IT and foreign languages, which leads to very interesting professional opportunities in the dynamic field of internet and new technology. The Master 2 work-study program offers the possibility of gaining very formative professional experience

The Master CAWEB is also offered as a distance-learning program. The IT, translation, languages, and multimedia courses are provided via internet, in direct contact with teachers. The Master 2 distance-learning program is an opportunity to follow a university program without residing in Strasbourg. All the necessary software is provided to the students.

The CAWEB course is great for both French and foreign students that have a degree in foreign languages and that are interested in combining these skills with multimedia. The programme leads to many different career opportunities, thanks to the large variety of subjet areas covered. Furthermore, students wishing to target a specific field can work on their skills outside of the programme and build their work experience alongside their studies by doing work placements or freelance work. Read more...


Tim Bakkum

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