The importance of cultural customs during a business meeting

When organizing a meeting with international businesspersons, the vast majority of managers focus on more work-related matters, such as creating a schedule, crafting a presentation that highlights the keynotes of the meeting, and working on how to best adapt the product in a foreign country. They think that a smooth, flawless presentation of the product […]


Take a Closer Look At Our Courses Our program is taught by professionals and is designed to prepare you to conquer the digital world. Through our diverse courses, you’ll learn the skills necessary to successfully execute multilingual web projects. Want to know more about the professionals who teach our courses? Visit our instructors page! Ready […]

CAWEB Master’s Adds New Intercultural Communication Course

Starting in 2021, the CAWEB master’s will have a new course called Intercultural Communication. We are honored to have the opportunity to talk about this course in more detail with it’s instructor, Tatiana Ryabinina. Meeting Tatiana Ryabinina Hi, Tatiana! To start, could you please introduce yourself? Hi and thank you for inviting me! I am […]

Master 2 CAWEB

First and second semester programs of the Master 2 CAWEB THE TEACHING PROGRAM SEMESTER 3 Heures UE1 – Web programming languages and tools (9 ECTS) 65h HTML/CSS 25h Building websites: theory and practice 40h UE2 – Website optimization and project management (9 ECTS) 58h SEO 14h UX 24h Project management 20h UE3 – Localization (3 ECTS) 30h […]

Master 1 CAWEB

First and second semester programs of the Master 1 CAWEB THE TEACHING PROGRAM SEMESTER 1 HOURS UE1 – UX : User experience (3 ECTS) 24h Introduction to UX 12h Ergonomy 12h UE2 – Multimedia design (12 ECTS) 84h Web technologies and tools 36h Introduction to the creation of dynamic web pages 24h Desktop publishing tools 24h […]

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Program Structure

Choose the Format That Best Suits You! The CAWEB master’s offers the possibility to choose the study format that best suits your situation: a distance-learning program taught exclusively in English or an on-campus program in Strasbourg in French. To learn more about the on-campus program in Strasbourg, visit our French website! Also, if you live […]