GDPR Compliance on Social Media for Business

Is Your Business’s Social Media Strategy Compliant With GDPR? What is the link between social media and GDPR? When social media was first introduced, users weren’t as concerned about sharing personal data and keeping an eye on their virtual privacy as they are today. As cybercrime cases have risen considerably over the last years, the […]

Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on: was the Japanese poet right?

Translating or not translating: that is the question In the movie Paterson, the Japanese poet randomly met by the character Paterson in the park of his homonymous city, allowed Jim Jarmusch to bring up once again the eternal dilemma. Can poetry be translated? What is the purpose of translating it?  Around these questions, and many […]

Virtual reality and disability : is there a compatibility?

Presumably, you might perceive virtual reality as a simple video game support. However, in addition to witnessing unprecedented growth in the entertainment industry, VR headsets are employed in multiple fields such as education, tourism, art, and social and medical areas. More precisely and less expected, the support for people with disabilities is amongst the multiple purposes of this technology. But how? Is this device really suitable?