The importance of cultural customs during a business meeting

When organizing a meeting with international businesspersons, the vast majority of managers focus on more work-related matters, such as creating a schedule, crafting a presentation that highlights the keynotes of the meeting, and working on how to best adapt the product in a foreign country. They think that a smooth, flawless presentation of the product […]

Twitch: The New Goldmine of Digital Marketing

Twitch is a video live streaming platform launched in June 2011 and acquired by Amazon in 2014. Initially focused mainly on live streaming of eSports competitions and video game related content, nowadays, Twitch’s content has been getting a lot more diverse and attracts different content creators. How does Twitch work? A streamer broadcasts live video […]

5 Ways in Which the CAWEB Master’s Degree Creates Growth Hackers

What is growth hacking? Growth hacking, invented by Sean Ellis in 2010, is a combination of both cross-functional skills and a single methodology with one goal: the growth of a company. In other words, the growth hacker must find opportunities, through various ways and at a low cost, to boost growth.  To do this, growth […]

Freelance translator or employed translator: which job is better for translation students?

Being a freelance translator or an employed translator, or even finding other translation related jobs? This may be the question that every student with a translation degree asks themselves before graduating. While these two jobs are similar one to another as their main assignment is the translation work, there are still some nuances, especially in […]

Is Twitch a new broadcasting platform worth considering?

Twitch is a live video streaming platform that was launched in June 2011 and then later acquired by Amazon in 2014. It initially focused mainly on livestreaming eSports competitions and videogame-related content, but the platform is diversifying and starting to attract different content creators. Whether it’s social eating (or Mukbang), live art creations or just […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Creating Video Content

Traditional media is shifting toward the online kingdom more and more every year. Marketing techniques and marketers must adapt constantly to keep up. Several content marketing formats exist but one is clearly becoming king. Let’s highlight 5 reasons why you need to include videos in your next marketing campaign! Video content is undoubtedly king 78% […]