CAWEB Master’s Adds New Intercultural Communication Course

Starting in 2021, the CAWEB master’s will have a new course called Intercultural Communication. We are honored to have the opportunity to talk about this course in more detail with it’s instructor, Tatiana Ryabinina. Meeting Tatiana Ryabinina Hi, Tatiana! To start, could you please introduce yourself? Hi and thank you for inviting me! I am […]

What is evergreen content and why is it important for your website?

What is evergreen content and why is it important for your website?  Do you want to know how to increase your blog’s organic traffic in a consistent and sustainable way? The answer is evergreen content. While good content is vital to any website’s SEO strategy, evergreen content is what can turn a good blog post […]

Is augmented reality the marketing tool of the future?

You’ve never taken a picture of yourself using a Snapchat filter? Or even tried catching Pikachu or Charmander while playing Pokemon Go? Then stop whatever it is you are doing and let us explain everything you’ve been missing out on with augmented reality! What is augmented reality? Augmented reality (AR) makes it possible to integrate […]

Is the semantic cocoon method the way to improve your SEO?

Every website owner knows how important Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is for the visibility and success of a company. Many techniques exist today to optimize your website so as to improve its search engine ranking. This article will look into one of those techniques: the semantic cocoon. What is the semantic cocoon? Made popular by […]

Shopify to adopt React Native framework

At the beginning of 2020, the e-commerce platform Shopify announced that the React Native framework would be used to develop all it’s future applications. Among the numerous programming languages, why did Shopify choose React Native in particular, what exactly is React Native, and more importantly, what are the benefits of this language specifically? In this […]

Are podcasts the best support for your digital strategy?

Podcasts are one of the audio formats that have gained significant popularity over the last few years. In November 2020 alone, more than 104 million podcasts were downloaded or streamed, according to Médiamétrie. This form of audio support is attracting an increasing number of users and has also caught the attention of several companies. Known […]

Chatbots: The marketing and customer service tool you should know

Chatbots, or virtual customer service agents, are becoming increasingly present in our daily lives. Last year, we published an article about Replika, the emotional chatbot who wants to be your friend, in which we explained what actually lies behind this technology. After having played a major role in e-commerce companies’ growing success, chatbots are beginning […]

Open data: a gold mine for innovation, research and marketing

Open data is a concept that at first glance may seem vague to you, but can be extremely useful, especially for companies, students, and lecturers, or for whoever knows how to use it. It only refers to data and should not be confused with ‘open source’, which is a term representing the right of control […]