Tips to Become a Good Community Manager

Community management is a very popular career choice at the moment. Indeed, we live in an era where communication, especially digital communication, is more present and necessary than ever for companies to succeed. Social media, in particular, has become an essential tool used daily.However, to be a good community manager, posting things on various social […]

Twitch: The New Goldmine of Digital Marketing

Twitch is a video live streaming platform launched in June 2011 and acquired by Amazon in 2014. Initially focused mainly on live streaming of eSports competitions and video game related content, nowadays, Twitch’s content has been getting a lot more diverse and attracts different content creators. How does Twitch work? A streamer broadcasts live video […]

5 Secrets to Create a Stunning Storytelling

Many tales begin with “Once upon a time…” and usually end with “…They lived happily ever after”. Storytelling is also a form of narration, where a hero goes on a journey to fight a villain, with different kinds of help he will be able to face challenges until the final confrontation. This art of narration […]

What is Targeting and How Does it Work?

Targeting is one of many digital marketing techniques that allow you to select a target audience based on certain criteria (age, location, gender, etc.) across all Internet users. Its goal is to promote your product in a way that gets you the best impact from your advertising. It also allows you to use your marketing […]

Is Twitch a new broadcasting platform worth considering?

Twitch is a live video streaming platform that was launched in June 2011 and then later acquired by Amazon in 2014. It initially focused mainly on livestreaming eSports competitions and videogame-related content, but the platform is diversifying and starting to attract different content creators. Whether it’s social eating (or Mukbang), live art creations or just […]