Virtual reality and disability : is there a compatibility?

Presumably, you might perceive virtual reality as a simple video game support. However, in addition to witnessing unprecedented growth in the entertainment industry, VR headsets are employed in multiple fields such as education, tourism, art, and social and medical areas. More precisely and less expected, the support for people with disabilities is amongst the multiple purposes of this technology. But how? Is this device really suitable?

Future Technological Advances in Voice Technology for Virtual Personal Assistants through Natural Language Processing 

Thanks to natural language processing, virtual personal assistants can perform a variety of actions after hearing a wake word or a command. The action can be performed either on the device itself, when we ask for setting an alarm, playing music from an app, setting up an appointment on the calendar. Or it may need […]

Designing Virtual and Augmented Reality Interfaces

For several years now, virtual and augmented reality technology has developed at an unprecedented rate. In the meantime, the applications of these technologies are no longer limited to gaming. For example, important stakeholders in e-commerce see great promise in these relatively new technologies. In the meantime, the democratization of virtual reality headsets and the performance […]