Green Web Design Trends: “Ultra-Minimalist Navigation” and the Return of Static Websites

Eco-design has become a major concern in terms of ecology and the environment. “Faster, more efficient” has become Google’s motto. In order to help you in your efforts to make your website greener, there are two other web design trends that can be mentioned that fall into the same green category as “mobile first” and […]

Art Direction for the Web: Not Just Relevant for Print Media

Are you someone who thinks that art direction is only relevant to print media? This article will help you discover the link between art and web design. It will also give you some tips on where to look to get deeper understanding and apply it in your work. Before diving into solutions, ask yourself what […]

Designing Virtual and Augmented Reality Interfaces

For several years now, virtual and augmented reality technology has developed at an unprecedented rate. In the meantime, the applications of these technologies are no longer limited to gaming. For example, important stakeholders in e-commerce see great promise in these relatively new technologies. In the meantime, the democratization of virtual reality headsets and the performance […]