Green Web Design Trends: “Ultra-Minimalist Navigation” and the Return of Static Websites

Eco-design has become a major concern in terms of ecology and the environment. “Faster, more efficient” has become Google’s motto. In order to help you in your efforts to make your website greener, there are two other web design trends that can be mentioned that fall into the same green category as “mobile first” and […]

The Indispensible “Mobile-First”

Trend of Eco-Friendly Web Design: The Indispensible “Mobile-First” Frédéric Bordage, expert in sustainable digital technology and author of the book “Eco-conception web: les 115 bonnes pratiques : Doper son site et réduire son empreinte écologique” (“Web Eco-Design: 115 Good Practices: Boosting Your Site and Reducing Your Ecological Footprint”) believes that the “mobile-first” approach should be […]

Ecological Design

Nowadays, digital is part of our daily lives. We are all affected in one way or another by this technology. The younger generation cannot imagine life without the Internet or WiFi-equppied smartphones. Search engines, or networks, are constantly evolving and improving. However, as the idea of designing greener buildings and reducing energy consumption in big […]

Web and Ecology

When we hear the words “environmental pollution’’, what pops into our heads? Factories emitting polluting fumes? Traffic jams negatively impacting the environment? Dozens of images related to environmental problems appear, but one particular representation remains unintuitive, although the general public needs to be aware of it: digital pollution.     What is Digital Pollution? To […]