CAWEB Master’s Adds New Intercultural Communication Course

Starting in 2021, the CAWEB master’s will have a new course called Intercultural Communication. We are honored to have the opportunity to talk about this course in more detail with it’s instructor, Tatiana Ryabinina. Meeting Tatiana Ryabinina Hi, Tatiana! To start, could you please introduce yourself? Hi and thank you for inviting me! I am […]

2019-2020 website projects

As the academic year comes to an end, the internships of the first-year students are also ending. This year group has been able to be a driving force in thinking and designing websites. Let’s discover some of these projects! First-year students’ professional projects You’re probably wondering what these first-year projects are all about. In a […]

University of Strasbourg has joined GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association

The University of Strasbourg has joined GALA, the Globalization and Localization Association. GALA is a global, non-profit trade association for the language industry. Staff and students can take advantage of GALA’s wealth of resources to deepen their understanding of the localization industry. This will also allow them to keep abreast of the latest trends, and […]

Meet Fideline Coulaudoux, a CAWEB graduate

We had a chat with Fideline Coulaudoux, a CAWEB Master’s Degree student who graduated in 2018, to talk about her history, her CAWEB experience and more. Interview with a CAWEB graduate: Fideline Coulaudoux Today, we’re speaking with Fideline who is a CAWEB student and who just graduated. Yeah, it feels pretty good! Unexpected but pretty […]

Cape Town Here We Come!

What better way to start the New Year than by going on an adventure to Cape Town, South Africa?! That is precisely what an intrepid group of TCLoc and CAWEB students will be doing in a few weeks’ time, from February 18th to February 24th, 2018. Why Cape Town ? The primary reason for the […]