How Machine Translation is once again reshaping the translation landscape

Translation, language service providers, and companies have quickly realized that machine translation will never replace a human. However, they have found ways to implement it to work in pairs with the translator to help them without letting the client down. Post editing, hybrid or assisted translation, there are several means nowadays to help a translator […]

Poetry in translation is like taking a shower with a raincoat on: was the Japanese poet right?

Translating or not translating: that is the question In the movie Paterson, the Japanese poet randomly met by the character Paterson in the park of his homonymous city, allowed Jim Jarmusch to bring up once again the eternal dilemma. Can poetry be translated? What is the purpose of translating it?  Around these questions, and many […]

Freelance translator or employed translator: which job is better for translation students?

Being a freelance translator or an employed translator, or even finding other translation related jobs? This may be the question that every student with a translation degree asks themselves before graduating. While these two jobs are similar one to another as their main assignment is the translation work, there are still some nuances, especially in […]

Feline Ambitions: A Singapore Mobile Game Startup’s Internationalization Strategy

According to, Southeast Asia is the world’s fastest-growing mobile games market. The video games trade website estimates that key markets in the region (namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam) generated about $2.6 billion in mobile games revenue in 2019. To tap on the region’s vast potential, Pangaea Interactive, a Singapore mobile game […]

Some specificities to know when designing websites and apps for the Asian market

Talking about web design in Asia (especially in Chinese-speaking countries) and in Western countries, we can notice there are some differences that are due to cultural reasons. Knowing about these differences could be important for graphic designers, but also for those who work in the field of localization. Indeed, localization doesn’t simply mean directly translating […]