Connections between Arabic and Hebrew languages

For decades, non-linguists thought Arabic and Hebrew were nearly the same. Especially Arabic speakers, who pronounce Hebrew (Ebry) and Arabic (Araby) with the same letters but with a different order. So what are the differences and similarities with Arabic and Hebrew languages ? Quick look at both Arabic and Hebrew:  Arabic  Arabic is a Central Semitic […]

Taking your international marketing campaign to local markets: interview with transcreation specialist Claudia Benetello

When adapting international marketing to local markets, some may think that translation is the most suitable option to adapt a copy to a local market. However, that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, you might be looking for a completely different service. In this interview with Italian communications specialist Claudia Benetello, we discuss what transcreation […]

The importance of a good translation and localization for the pharmaceutical industry

Generally speaking, localizing a product for a global market helps expand your market across borders. But when it comes to the global market, content localization for the pharmaceutical industry becomes an essential step. Pharmaceutical companies are experiencing tremendous development. Emerging markets represent a huge opportunity to expand globally. The worldwide population increases, ages, and thus […]

Continuous Localization: Strategies for Successful Localization in Agile Software Development

Since its advent in the 1990s, agile software development has gained popularity among tech companies of all shapes and sizes. According to the 2018 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 85.9% of developers already work with agile methodologies today. This approach offers significant advantages to both companies and customers. But what about multilingual software products? Where does […]

Digital Transformation and Specialization in Translation

On 21st and 22nd February 2019, Barcelona hosted “Elia Together”. This two-day event brought together language professionals and freelance translators from around the world. This year’s theme was Mastering Digital Transformation and one of the speakers was Hélène Bajon, head of CLIP – Center for Language Industry Professionals, a certification body based in France, and […]

Get the quality you need for your localization projects with a robust quality management system

Editor’s Note: This article was written by a future expert from our partner Master’s course, TCloc Online Technical Communication. For more information about the course, you’ll find a link towards the website at the end of this article. Enjoy! Developing a robust quality management system is one of the most crucial aspects of any localization […]

Online volunteering: a vast universe for Web professionals and translators

Would you like to contribute to society as a volunteer but you don’t know how? Are you looking for your first professional working experience, but you don’t know where to look at? If you come from the translation and web fields, the answers to these questions could be just a few click away! Online volunteering […]

DeepL: A Modern-day David and Goliath Story

Within only six months, DeepL has become an indispensable tool for aspiring translators. And it is now teaching machine translation giants, such as Google Translate, a few lessons. It must be said that there are few online machine translation tools that are both free and powerful at the same time. So, as soon as a […]

SEO Translation and Attaining Global Success

SEO translation is a translation approach intended to improve your website’s position on search engine results. The aim is to boost your website’s effectiveness on an international level. Find out how to carry out a referencing-oriented translation and which tools you can use to get the best results. SEO translation: Which approaches work best? Firstly, […]