Green Web Design Trends: “Ultra-Minimalist Navigation” and the Return of Static Websites

Eco-design has become a major concern in terms of ecology and the environment. “Faster, more efficient” has become Google’s motto. In order to help you in your efforts to make your website greener, there are two other web design trends that can be mentioned that fall into the same green category as “mobile first” and […]

Some specificities to know when designing websites and apps for the Asian market

Talking about web design in Asia (especially in Chinese-speaking countries) and in Western countries, we can notice there are some differences that are due to cultural reasons. Knowing about these differences could be important for graphic designers, but also for those who work in the field of localization. Indeed, localization doesn’t simply mean directly translating […]

The Difference Between UX and UI design

At a time when the digital industry develops at ever greater speeds, it’s not uncommon to face difficulties defining new notions and new emerging lines of work. It isn’t always easy to perceive the difference between UX and UI design, especially since the two concepts are both resembling and complementary. In the IT world’s slang, […]