Shopify to adopt React Native framework

At the beginning of 2020, the e-commerce platform Shopify announced that the React Native framework would be used to develop all it’s future applications. Among the numerous programming languages, why did Shopify choose React Native in particular, what exactly is React Native, and more importantly, what are the benefits of this language specifically? In this […]

Art Direction for the Web: Not Just Relevant for Print Media

Are you someone who thinks that art direction is only relevant to print media? This article will help you discover the link between art and web design. It will also give you some tips on where to look to get deeper understanding and apply it in your work. Before diving into solutions, ask yourself what […]

JavaScript ES6: Cool Features You Need to Know

Why you should care about ES6? JavaScript ES6 came out in 2015. However, most developers still used ES5 syntax because of compatibility issue with older browsers at that time. Developers can also transpile JavaScript ES6 code into ES5. Given that more and more users are relying on modern browsers and many front-end frameworks such as […]

7 Tips for Making Your Website More Accessible

Nowadays, more and more public places are adapted to people with visual, hearing and physical disabilities. Several everyday services have become digitized, including online banking and tax returns. As a consequence, it seems natural that everybody should have access to these services on the web. Website accessibility is an important consideration, and many people tend […]

Full-Stack Developer: Necessity, Reality or Myth?

Have you ever heard the term “full-stack developer”? Existing dilemmas and definitions bring us to ask ourselves whether it is in fact possible to be one nowadays. On the one hand, many argue that reaching the status of full-stack developer is impossible. On the other hand, it might just depend on your point of view. […]