Delphine Bernhard

Delphine Bernhard has been an associate professor in computer science in the Faculty of Languages at the University of Strasbourg since September 2011. She has been in charge of the IT department of the Faculty of Languages and co-head for the Master’s in Language Technologies since September 2016. Her research work is in the fields […]

Emmanuel Winstein

Emmanuel Winstein is one of the founders of the communication agency La Couleur du Zèbre. He works there as a project manager, trainer, and web developer. He is specialized in content management systems and developed the CMS Nina. These are the skills he teaches CAWEB students in his multimedia creation and content management systems courses. […]

Eric Christoffel

Eric Christoffel is a teacher-researcher at the University of Strasbourg, working in the Educational Sciences laboratory. He is passionate about new technologies, as well as new teaching practices, especially for distance education. As a teacher, he provides numerous courses in web programming languages, such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL, and takes part […]

Slimen Araf

Slimen Araf is a digital project manager. He supports SMEs in their digital transformation. Thanks to his technical profile (development, server administration, data structure…), he shares his expertise in web development and digital marketing to second year CAWEB students, particularly through responsive web design and project management.

Gabriel Braun

Gabriel Braun, a teacher and researcher at the University of Strasbourg, works at the ICube laboratory within the IGG team (Geometric and Graphic Computing). He is in charge of the pedagogical coordination of the technical courses within the CAWEB master’s, where he teaches the HTML/CSS and JavaScript programming languages to students. He is also an […]

Thomas Baguet

Thomas Baguet is a graduate of the prestigious MIT (Mulhouse Institute of Technology). He is above all a self-taught and curious technophile. He has been working at the University of Strasbourg since 1999 and is currently a developer in the Integration and Parameterization Development Department of the University’s Digital Department. He has also been in […]