The Mother’s Life Supporter association

Mother’s Life Supporter is a non-profit organization that aims at improving the daily lives of single mothers facing difficult living situations in Japan, in areas where human services are insufficient. What motivated the students to choose this project was above all the association’s vision and the message it carries: to contribute to the well-being of mothers and […]

The SPA of Haguenau

For the students in this group, the redesign of the SPA of Haguenau’s website. The SPA is the French society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. This turned out to be more than a university project: it was a commitment to the animal cause. Collaborating with a local actor was the opportunity to help and support […]

VIKA Agency

VIKA is a locally renowned language school located in the Czech Republic. However, its communication had not changed since 2010. The team therefore identified an interesting potential for modernization that would fit the professional project of the CAWEB Master’s degree. And the new website is now live! The international aspect of the redesign was particularly enriching as French was not […]