On this page, you will find a lot of useful information that will probably answer your questions!

1. Can I apply for the second year of the Master’s programme even if I only have an excellent level in foreign languages and no specific knowledge of software and computer languages that are taught (Photoshop, HTML/CSS…)?

Yes, you can apply for the second year of the Master’s without having any specialised programming knowledge. Every year, we welcome between three and five students with no previous technical experience. To apply you need to have graduated (or be graduating) from your 4th year of university study (Bac+4) or have at least three years ‘professional experience (in the field of foreign languages for instance), be willing and able to work hard and, of course, commitment to the programme. The Master’s begins with a three-week refresher course which reminds students of the core elements of the first-year technical courses.

2. I did not follow the first year of the CAWEB Master’s programme (M1) but the first-year of another Master’s degree. Is it worth my applying to be accepted in second year?

Yes. Between 20% and 30% of our second-year students did not do the CAWEB Master’s degree in first year. They come from other Master’s degrees or from abroad. We try to maintain a certain diversity in our selection of students for the second year.

3. I work and have a family but I would like to apply for the Master’s second-year distance learning option in order to improve my skills. Is this realistic?

The distance learning option is set up to make it possible to combine a job and academic training. Classes are available online and real-time audio conferencing between students and teachers is held in the evening. If your work or family commitments make it difficult for you to follow all the units in one year, you can do the programme over two years.

4. How does the selection go in Master’s 2?

Candidates must apply on ARIA and, after a preliminary review of their application, will be invited for an interview either face-to-face in Strasbourg if applying for the on-campus option or on Skype for the distance learning option. Candidates who didn’t do the first year programme will undertake a language test.

5. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages and I would like to apply for the first year program. How do I enrol?

Admissions start in April. You must apply on the ARIA platform and fill the application available on our website (button Admissions).

6. I hold another degree. How do I apply?

You must apply online on the CAWEB Master’s Website as well as on ARIA. Admission is based on the merit of your application. You will then undergo a language test to assess your language abilities.

7. Which documents must I submit with my application?

The documents needed are:

  • A cover letter
  • A CV
  • A copy of your last diploma and your last academic year transcripts
  • It is also possible to strengthen your application by sending us a link to your portfolio in your CV.

8. Is the failure rate in the distance learning programme high?

No, the failure rate of the distance learning programme is no higher than that of the on-campus course. This is mainly due to the students’ strong motivation, our selection procedure, and the support provided throughout the year. Studying by distance learning does not mean studying alone. You will be monitored by the teachers and a coordinator. Furthermore, you also have real-time meet-ups (audio conferences) three times per week.

9. What is the difference between continuing education and initial education (formation continue and formation initiale)?

Candidates are said to be in ’initial education’ if they have not had a break of more than 2 years in their university career at the moment they start the programme. In this case, the student is required to pay only the standard administrative fees (around € 400).

Candidates who had had a break of longer than 2 years in their university careers at the moment of starting the programme are said to be in ‘Continuing education’ (often students who were or are employees, self-employed, jobseekers etc.). In this case, the student must pay a contribution towards the programme.

In first year (M1), these fees are set at € 2075.

In second year (M2), these fees are set at € 5059.

10. I haven’t completed 4 years of university education, but I do have work experience in one of the fields taught by the Master’s. Can I still apply for the second year?

Yes, it is possible to apply if you have at least three years of professional experience in one of the fields taught by the Master’s (languages, computer science, or the web). You must send off a request for Validation d’Acquis Professionnels et Personnels (VAPP). Contact us for more details.

VAPP is a French administrative procedure which allows educational institutions to officially recognise work experience.

11. I’m not French and I didn’t study in France. Do I have any chance of being accepted in your programme?

Yes! Between 20% and 30% of our students don’t come from France!