Hire an apprentice

What about hiring of our students, in apprenticeship ?

A business hiring a CAWEB student in apprenticeship helps him and represents an effective solution to facilitate employability.

Indeed, it insures him (whether he’s in apprenticeship or in professional contract), a diligent and effective training allowing him to fit more easily and to quickly take part in the culture and the life of your business.It is also a pledge of security, since an apprentice of Master CAWEB is dedicated to your firm and can fulfill the various business needs.

Of course, hiring a Caweb apprentice student allows you to profit from various significant financial benefits. Each company recruiting an apprentice :

  • Is exempt from employer costs and benefits of various aids to the region in which it is located, the learning bonus (1000 € for hiring an apprentice or an additional apprentice in businesses with fewer than 250 employees, for smaller businesses with fewer than 11 employees, the bonus rises to € 2,000).
  • Benefits from a tax credit of € 1,600 per year per apprentice that are in the company for at least 6 years.

You can also hire a CAWEB student in professional contract (it is open to students that return to school , to job seekers aged over 26 years, to beneficiaries of social minima and subsidized contracts).


In this case, your business also has many advantages:

  • You benefit from social fees exemptions.
  • You can request a flat rate with job center so that or the student (s) can integrate the professional life easier, thanks to their professional contract.

For more information about these benefits, visit portal of apprenticeship