Hiring an apprentice

Why choose a CAWEB student?

Trained both in languages and in different areas of the web, CAWEB students are naturally versatile. They have excellent web culture, with an overview of the digital challenges of today and tomorrow.

In addition, they are fluent in at least two foreign languages, including English, and know how to use computer-aided translation tools.

CAWEB professors are mainly qualified web professionals. They are the real driving forces behind the Master’s and encourage students to go further in their thinking and be even more creative.

Hiring a CAWEB student means choosing versatility, creativity and professionalism. It also means hiring an employee capable of understanding a complex digital project and understanding its challenges, particularly at an international level.

The advantages of the CAWEB program from the employer’s side

As apprentices, CAWEB students are 70% employees and benefit from continuous training adapted to the fields of localization and digital technology. The highly professionalizing content of the courses from the first year of the Master’s allows students to blend easily in the culture and life of the company.

The most important part of CAWEB is the permanent dialogue between companies, students and training managers. By paying particular attention to the companies’ needs, they are very committed to the success of their partners and students. On the student’s side, teachers (University tutors) and a dedicated pedagogical assistant are there to meet their needs.

After the apprenticeship: your employee of tomorrow

After the apprenticeship, young CAWEB graduates are a source of skills and talents. Digital project and localization managers, webdesigners, community managers, web developers, webmasters, or even e-commerce, e-marketing and SEO professionals, they are your future employees and resources.