Master 2 – Distance learning

The distance learning option is set up to make it possible to combine a job and academic training. All necessary E-learning softwares will be made available to the students throughout their studies.

Who the program is for

Students who want to work and study at the same time can do the Master’s distance learning program.

How it works

Students, teachers and the coordinator communicate through the distance learning platform’s interface.
This platform consists of a virtual environment for the work-study program. All the information, organization, communication and sharing tools are accessible via the web browser. The platform is therefore available at any time and from any computer with internet access.

How it is conducted

The program is composed of distance seminars and four meetings spread over the year. The meetings, which take place in Strasbourg, range in length from three to five days. They aim to build relationships between the students. Although attending all meetings is recommended, the students are only required to attend two of them to take their exams. During the first meeting, students learn to use the interface of the work-study platform as well as to work effectively in a team, an essential academic skill to succeed in the program. The other meetings offer students the chance to participate in conferences held by professional contributors.

The distance learning option is composed of a series of seminars in which students complete learning objectives related to their work placement, and work on case studies. An online course is provided for each seminar aiming to study these areas. The seminars consist of real-time meetings between the students and the tutor as well as having an independent learning component, including individual research and writing, necessary to effective learning.

Mentoring of students

A tutor is assigned to each seminar. Their role is not to simply pass on knowledge but to mentor and support groups doing the work-study program. He guides the group in its research process, decision-making and work approach .
Students will also be mentored throughout the year by Mary Lanery, the coordinator who should be contacted in case of technical problems, difficulties or for any further information regarding the program. In close cooperation with the director of studies, her role is to register course members and staff in the program’s system and to set exam dates. She is also responsible for verifying students and staff attendance.

How much it costs

Continuing Education

Continuing education or non-traditional students (working students, job seekers, students who left school for over 2 years) pay specific fees. At the moment, these expenses represent a total of 5,210 euros including VAT.

Tradidtional students

Tradidtional students (students who haven’t left school for more than 2 years) only pay the administrative registration fees at the University of Strasbourg, which is about 400 euros for the year 2015-2016.

Work-study program

Work-study program students don’t pay any fees and receive a monthly compensation from their employer.