How to get the best out of networking

Everyone will probably agree with me saying that job research has nowadays become harder than ever. Without connections, it is sometimes even impossible to do so. The crucial question is: How to make these connections and build beneficial long lasting relationships? The best marketing tactic to use is definitely networking! It works well for individuals as well as for big companies.  

Why is it important to build a professional network?

Relationships you build give more visibility to you and your activities, enhance your employability and finally helps you to receive some financial help for your project from relevant persons and professional groups.


What is the best way of networking?


  • Take advantage of social networks

If you´re a beginner at networking, you might want to start with internet communication. There, you have so many social networks allowing you to get in touch with interesting people. And it´s not only via Twitter you can communicate, but also via Instagram, Behance, Pinterest, Youtube or LinkedIn where you can post your latest work and engage potential contacts . But be careful, networking doesn’t mean adding hundreds of people out of blue!

  • Go to events

Go on eventbrite and look up events in your city. Be original: don’t just pick the first thing that appears. If you’re lucky you’ll find some events organized in a coffee shop in your neighborhood! Wherever you go, try to speak to a couple of new people and make connections. Show your creative mind and go to events about subjects you don´t know anything about.

  • Show interest in the others

Talking and talking about yourself without caring about others will not lead you anywhere. It´s not enough to be interesting, make people think you’re interested in them! Try to help others.  It is normal to think that successful people have everything they need, but the chances to find out your contact´s needs are quite high.

  • Think like a journalist

Try to think through the questions that will help you to find out more about people’s passions rather than about their job and career past. It will go far beyond general small talks and make you learn interesting stories from different people.

  • Be different

Stand out from the crowd and increase your success. Don’t be a Christmas card that ends up somewhere in a box with others…

Last but not least, you should take into consideration staying in contact with your connections. It´s important to keep in touch at least 3-4 times a year. And remember, it is NOT about who you know … BUT who knows you!

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