I am an international student

The CAWEB Master’s degree combines both foreign languages and digital communication. International students attend various courses in an international context: web development, webdesign, project management, but also translation, localization and web content writing.

The CAWEB Master’s is an international program

International students who speak both French and English can follow the CAWEB Master’s program. All courses are taught in either of the two languages.

Apply to the CAWEB Master’s distance learning program

You can follow the second year of the distance learning program by working in a company in France or in the Upper Rhine region. You can also study from abroad.

And after?

The CAWEB  Master’s degree combines both languages and digital communication courses. This international program provides insights into the field of web and especially in the fields related to the web and localization.

My name is João Pedro, I am 24 and I come from Brazil. After graduating from my Literature degree, I joined the CAWEB Master’s degree.

I wanted to improve my translation skills and to increase my knowledge in web technologies and project management. As a foreign student, I thought the language would be an additional challenge for me since all the courses. In fact, the technical courses are in French.

However, the CAWEB Master’s degree offers us French courses (FLE). These courses are essential for foreign students since they enable us to improve our written and oral skills, which is very important when having to write cover letters and go for interviews to find an apprenticeship at the end of the first year. Plus, our teachers are always attentive and available to help us during the courses and the practical works.

João Pedro Antunes –  Student in first year of CAWEB Master’s – Class of 2018/2019