International partnerships

The CAWEB Master’s degree is a course of international dimension. The 6 languages offered in the training open international work opportunities to our students. In fact, the master has several international partnerships and organizes study trips to the Silicon Valley with its students, in direct contact with innovative web companies.Partenaires internationaux du Master Caweb


Since 2011, Master Caweb is in close cooperation with the University Herzen of Saint Petersburg in Russia. Thanks to this partnership, a russian-speaking student enrolled in the Master 2 CAWEB has the opportunity to study in Russia for the second semester (usually 3 months, from the beginning of February to the end of April). The student studies languages and localization, in total immersion in the country’s culture. This very formative experience is also the opportunity to find a work experience in Russia at the end of the year, in partner companies as SemRush, a leader in the field of SEO.

As part of this exchange, the CAWEB Master welcomes students from the University Herzen in its localization courses and exchanges teachers on a short period of time. Regularly, Herzen graduates complete their formation with a second year in CAWEB. The cooperation between Saint Petersburg and Strasbourg is intense and allows deep long-term exchanges.


The CAWEB Master offers, for second-year EAD students with italian as a second language, an Erasmums exchange program with the University of Bologna (campus Forlì). The students have the opportunity to leave for 5 months during the second semester, to study translation and localization in the partner university. The technical courses (web development, webdesign…) can be followed via the distance learning platform of the CAWEB Master.

As part of this Erasmus exchange, the Master welcomes an Italian student during the first semester of the Master 1.


Since 2015, the CAWEB Master organizes a study trip to San Francisco, in collaboration with “Intern Abroad”, specialized in student placements in the USA.

The meeting with some of the major companies of the Silicon Valley (Google, Oracle, etc.) allowed the students to take a close look into the field of the web, to discover new practises and to understand the American requirements in terms of recruitment.

This very formative experience opened new professionnal perspectives to the master 2 students, whose technical and linguistic profile is very much appreciated by American recruiters.

Discover the blog about our trip to the USA!


A cooperation with the Hochschule Anhalt in Köthen (Germany) allows students and teachers to assist the famous Spring School, or to follow a 30-hour distance seminar about “Localization of Graphical User Interfaces”.

Resources and contests

As a member of several associations and international organisms, the CAWEB Master allows its student to use platforms as ELIA Exchange, to go to trade fairs organized by Tekom Europe, to use several resources offered by GALA, or to participate in video contests as the “Rising Star Contest” and “Shoot Me Now™”, a mobile and international video project created by our partner in New Zealand in 2010.