A global degree

The CAWEB Master’s is a degree that is decidedly oriented towards the global market. The Master’s program offers seven foreign languages, thus giving its students the opportunity to start a career anywhere around the world, whether it is through the Master’s international partnerships, or through the study trips to the United States, South Africa or Russia to visit innovative web companies.

Our international partnerships

Russia: partnership with Herzen University

Since 2011, the CAWEB Master’s has been working with the Herzen University in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Thanks to this partnership, Russian-speaking students in their second year of the CAWEB Master’s have the opportunity to spend a part of their second semester in Russia (usually 3 months, from the start of February to the end of April). There, they study languages and localization, while being completely immersed in the country’s culture. This incredible experience is also an opportunity to find an internship in Russia in companies like SEMrush, a major player in the SEO field.

The CAWEB Master’s hosts students from Herzen University in some of its distance learning classes that are held in English (Second year CAWEB Master’s EAD) and hosts professors for short periods of time as well. Graduates from Herzen often complement their education by doing the second year of the CAWEB Master’s after the initial Russian degree. Cooperation between Saint-Petersbourg and Strasbourg thus allows for in-depth and sustainable exchanges.

In 2017, three CAWEB students took part in this exchange.

Italy: take part in a memorable Erasmus exchange

The CAWEB Master’s offers students in their second year of CAWEB Master’s EAD who speak Italian to be part of an Erasmus exchange with the University of Bologna (Forlì campus). Students have the opportunity to live there for 5 months during the second semester as well as study in depth translation and localization with the partner University. The technical classes (web development, graphic design…) are followed as distance learning classes through the CAWEB Master’s distance teaching platform.

As part of this exchange, the CAWEB Master’s hosts an Italian student during the first semester of the first year as well.

Picture credit: University of Bologna – Forlì campus

A globally active Master’s

As a member of several international associations and organisms, the CAWEB Master’s allows its students to use platforms such as ELIA, to attend professional fairs organized by Tekom Europe, to use the many resources offered by GALA or to participate in video contests like the “Rising Star Contest” and “Shoot Me Now“, an international mobile phone video project created by our New Zealand partners in 2010.

In addition to its many partners and its collaborations abroad, the CAWEB Master’s hosts students from all over the world.

Did you know that it’s possible to do your second year apprenticeship in Germany?

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