M2 continuing education

M2 continuing education

Both the first and the second year of the Master CAWEB are open to people in continuing education. However, a continuing education enrollment is particularly interesting for people who,M2 en formation continue
through their training and professional experience may be admitted directly into the second year of the master.

What is continuing education ?

Continuing education allows professionals or job seekers to study again and to deepen their knowledge through a nuiversity graduate program or to be retrained professionally.

Who is it for ?

For distance learning program (only possible in the second year), anyone taking up study must enroll in continuing education. It concerns :

  • employees who benefit from the support of their employer (including vocational training leave) or from an organisation ( FONGECIF , AFDAS , ANFH , UNIFORMATION , OPCA , OPACIF , CPF , etc.)
  • beneficiaries of a professional contract or professionalization period (only in the second year)
  • jobseeker’s allownance beneficiary and people who benefit from social security income (RSA) from the government.

Conditions of admission

First year

  • academic record and language tests for any person with an undergraduate/bachelors degree or through the acreditation of previous personal or prefessional experience (VAE).


  • have a very good level in French, English and any of the other languages taught(or just English and French for non- Francophone students)

Second year

  • academic record plus language and selection tests for any person with a post graduate diploma or relevant VAE.
  • have basic knowledge of software and taught web languages

Steps to follow for admission

  • Think about the funding possibilities : OPCA, FONGECIF etc. grant from the Region, local job center etc. , personal finance or employer. Feel free to inquire with the Training Departement of the University of Strasbourg:
  • Apply via the Master CAWEB website from April . Link: admissions.
  • If you do not have a post graduate diploma (a 4 year university degree) but if you have significant experience in one of the fields taught, ask a Validation of Personal and Professional experience with the Continuing Education department : Service Formation Continue.
  • If you are selected after tests and interviews ( distance interview if you are applying for the distance program, in Strasbourg if you are applying for the on campus program ), you can register with the Continuing Education department.
  • Your registration becomes effective after the settlement of specific training costs ( unless professional contract ) . The payement of the fees may, if necessary, be split into various instalments .


The first year runs from early September to late May in Strasbourg.

In the second year, three courses are possible:

  • 9 months for group lessons in Strasbourg followed by professional experience (internship or paid work ) 3 months
  • 12 months alternately (as part of a professional contract or apprenticeship contract), 2 to 3 days per week in a company
  • 12 Months in distance learning program (employment or professional contract at the same time ) and 3 sessions of three days on campus during the year in Strasbourg.

Start date : mid-September