M2 work-study programme

Several options are available for the work-study programme in order to combine study and work experience.

Work-study contract in France

Master CAWEB | work-study programme The work-study contract is a work contract with a dual training.
It allows students to benefit from corporate training several days a week in parallel with courses offered by the university. (on campus or distance-learning)
The work-study contract is signed for a minimum duration of 12 months. The apprentice is paid a percentage of the minimum wage based on their age and degree.
For companies, this contract allows to recruit new employees and train them, while being eligible for significant financial benefits.

Work-study programme in Germany

photo-site-master-2-1 Thanks to a Franco-German agreement between the regions of Alsace, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, the students who pursue the second year of Master Caweb can benefit from a work-study contract in a German company based in any these regions. Within the distance learning program, the students follow the rhythm of apprenticeship by attending the classes from home and working in a company in Germany. For more information, visit the Cross-border Apprenticeship page.

Professional contract

photo-site-master-2-3 The professional contract is a another work contract within the work-study program. It is intended for persons under continuing education, whether youths of 16 to 25years, (30 years in some regions), regardless of their level of uninterrupted under graduate and graduate education, or job seekers aged 26years and above (or 30years depending on the regions) who, because of their age, are no longer eligible for the regular apprentiship programme .
For companies, this contract allows to recruit new employees and train them, while being eligible for financial benefits from the government (exemptions, standard aids, etc.).

They talk about it

In 2014, I choose the work-study program of the master for the second year. It was quite easy for me to find a relevant host company in strasbourg and its environs in this field. For the whole year I worked as a webmarketing assistant at the Cuisines Schmidt factory, a very wellknown brand of kitchen furniture. It was my first experience in an office. I strongly recommend this Master’s program because it is a real first job experience that can make the difference on a resume. Moreover it allows you to put into practice the knowledge you got from the master and to understand how the business world works. By being part of the marketing team at Schmidt, I got very lucky since a lot of responsabilities were entrusted to me. It was a real challenge that I overcame with success

Noemie Chaigneau