Information for Businesses: Submitting Apprenticeship Offers

The CAWEB Master’s program trains future business leaders and executives, enabling them to overcome the challenges posed by localization, web development, and web project management in both national and international contexts. The CAWEB Master’s allows graduates to develop a network of associates, and to establish close and lasting professional relations between the worlds of academia and business.

This relationship between theoretical and practical knowledge enables our instructors to adapt the CAWEB Master’s to the needs and requirements of businesses. This adaptive process allows our students to benefit maximally from the relevant practical and academic training they receive during the program. Our students often receive apprenticeship/internship offers that perfectly match their academic profiles, hence facilitating their integration into working life. Our work-study program therefore produces competent professionals who actively engage in the life of their host companies, since they spend 70% of their time working there.

Would you like to hire a Master CAWEB student apprentice? You can submit an apprenticeship offer by completing our contact form below, or by directly contacting the program director for more information. We will also help determine the student profile that best fits your business.

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For more on hiring CAWEB student apprentices, see our Hiring an Apprentice page