The first year of the CAWEB Master’s program

What kinds of courses can I expect to take on during the first year of the CAWEB Master’s course?

The first year of the Master’s degree takes place at the University of Strasbourg.

The Master’s degree is open to students who have been continuously enrolled in a university program and not have stopped studying  for more than two years. This is referred to as the “initial education” period. In some cases, the Master’s degree also welcomes individuals who have not been enrolled in a recognised university program for more than two years. These students are in “continuing education”.

For students in initial education, please note that the second year of the Master’s degree is only offered on a work-study basis (this is because enrolment is free of charge). It is therefore advisable to find an apprenticeship or a professionalization contract (if the age limit for an apprenticeship contract is exceeded) before the beginning of second year courses in September. You will find more information about apprenticeship and professionalization contracts in our section “Work-study program”.

In order to put what they are learning into practice, first year students must carry out a project: creating a multilingual website for a real client. This work is supervised by an internship agreement of up to about ten hours per week and must be done in teams.

What can I expect during the first and second semesters of the CAWEB Master’s degree?

First semester

The first semester of the CAWEB Master is split up into 3 main parts:
One-third of first semester courses are dedicated to helping students acquire the basics of computer-based languages (HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript) as well as multilingual website creation (WordPress).
Another-third of the courses focuses on foreign languages, in particular technical and specialised translation and the use of translation tools (SDL Trados, MemoQ).
The final third of the courses will focus on visual communication using tools such as Adobe, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro.

Second semester

Second semester courses are mainly based on the use of language in a professional context. The program includes courses on Content Management Systems (WordPress), User experience (UX), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and the importance of video on the web.

Students must also undertake a professional project. This will involve creating or redesigning a website for a real client.

For more detailed information on the courses, feel free to consult the CAWEB Master’s program.

First year planning schedule

Starting in April:
Online applications may be submitted on the University of Strasbourg eCandidat platform

May – June:
CV-based selection and interview (possibly followed by language tests)

August – September:

Beginning of the courses

September n+1:
End of the courses.

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