Master 2

M2 on-campus program

The 2nd year of the master’s degree on-campus program starts mid-september with 3 weeks of training sessions. It allows the students who did the first of the master to review the basis, and to the student with another background to acquire the needed basis in HTML, CSS, PHP and in mastering DTP softwares (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) and CMS (Content Management System).

During the second year, the emphasis is on profesionalising the student with an experience in a company (job, intership or apprenticeship in a work and study program) and various project (personal or group project) to be done during the year.

Organisation of the year

Courses take place from mid-september 2016 to the end of september 2017.
During the first semester, courses take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday And during the second semester, on Thursday and Friday and occasionnaly on Saturday.

Day without classes, for students who are employees or apprentice ( as part of an apprenticeship or training contract ) are working days in their company. University holidays are also working days in companies.

Mid-May the students present their final project of personal website during a first oral. In mid-September, they present their memoir and their professional experience report during a second oral presentation

Planning of the M2

  • EApplication : between April and early September
  • Tests ( if any) : between May and early September
  • Motivational interviewing : between April and September
  • Administrative registration : August / September
  • Starting date : mid-September/li>
  • Classes end : End of May with the first oral
  • Second oral : September n + 1
  • Official end of training: the end of September n + 1

Fees for the M2

Continuing education

Continuing education students ( working students , job seekers, students who left school for over 2 years) pay a specific fee. For the year 2016-2017, these fees were € 4,865 including VAT.

Initial training

Initial training students ( students who have not completed their studies for more than 2 years) only pay the administrative registration fees at the University of Strasbourg, about € 400 for the 2016-2017 year.

Student in apprenticeship

Students in apprenticeship or professional contract pay no fees and receive a salary from their employer.