Master CAWEB – Multilingual Website Creation, Localization and Content Management

The Master’s in Multilingual Web Design CAWEB is a career-oriented degree which offers numerous professional opportunities in the field of languages and multimedia. Our course targets graduates Master CAWEB ­ Création de sites web multilingues, localisation et gestion de contenusfrom Modern Languages backgrounds, perfecting their fluency in two foreign languages, and training them to design and manage multilingual websites. At the end of the program, our graduates possess the necessary skills to localize information technology products, which include websites and software, and manage multimedia and localization projects.

Course outcomes

CAWEB teaches students to create, translate, and manage websites and other IT products. We also develop students’ skills in project management in the fields of web design, multimedia and SEO.
Our aims are to improve students’ linguistic and inter-cultural knowledge, especially for translation, localization and multilingual web writing, and to equip students with the technical skills necessary for web design.

Key study areas


  • Creating and managing multilingual websites: design, development, administration, programming, and professional tools.
  • Image and video editing.
  • Project Management in multimedia, localization and SEO.


Knowledge and skills

  • Develop flexible websites for different cultural audiences.
  • Learn effective, industry-standard website management techniques.
  • Consolidate essential basic skills in image analysis, creation, and processing.
  • Work as a professional team to design, create or reforbish a multilingual website for any given client.
  • Communicate clearly and concisely in multiple foreign languages in the multimedia and localization field.
  • Understand the localization process of IT products such as software, websites, etc..
  • Master the basis of translation, localization, and terminology management tools.
  • Gain practical experience in website localization into French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.
  • Acquire skills in managing complex projects in the fields of localization and multimedia.
  • Put skills into practice in the workplace with a the work-study program.

Eligible candidates for the CAWEB graduate program?

  • Applied Foreign Languages graduates.
  • Modern Languages Graduates, particularly those specializing in Translation Studies.
  • Engineers, IT specialists with a very high level in two foreign languages (e.g. French and English for non-native French speakers, English and German or English and Spanish for native French speakers.
  • Professionals or unemployed people who wish to enter the continuing education program to further their skills and obtain a CAWEB Master’s degree. Work experience of three years in the fields of multimedia, IT, or languages is required.