CAWEB Master’s degree:
Multilingual Website Creation, Localization and Content Management

The CAWEB Master’s degree aims to enable both language and non-language-based graduate students to design and manage multilingual websites as well as localize digital products using professional tools and methods. Graduate students will also be able to manage digital marketing, localization and multimedia projects. They will acquire solid foundations in different fields such as user experience design (UX), search engine optimization (SEO) and even video-based web content.

Know-how and skills

The course combines campus-based professional projects with real-life work experience in a company to develop skills in many fields such as web communication and localization.  By the end of the fourth semester, students are expected to:

  • Design, develop and manage multilingual websites with professional tools (web programming, webdesign, web integration with a user experience-based approach)
  • Use content management systems (CMS)
  • Create print and digital communication supports (print publication, website, web video)
  • Use digital marketing and international SEO tools (content writing, social networks)
  • Analyze a website and optimize it using professional tools
  • Manage localization and web projects
  • Communicate in two foreign languages in a professional context (written and spoken), particularly in multimedia and localization fields
  • Work within a multicultural and multilingual team
  • Localize (translate and culturally adapt) a digital product (such as a website, software or video game) from 2 foreign languages and apply cultural and technical specificities
  • Use CAT tools  (translation memories, machine translation, alignment software, extraction software)

Who should do the CAWEB Master’s degree?

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