• 1st year of Masters and 2nd year of Masters
  • Direct entry into the 2nd year of the Masters (accelerated 1 year distance-learning format)
  • Direct entry into the 2nd year of the Masters (distance learning with studies extended over 2 years)

This format allows a student who may be pursuing a professional activity to complete the second year of the Master’s degree over the course of 2 years. It is taught entirely in English and through distance learning. This option is only available to people who possess a degree equivalent to 4 years of higher education or significant professional experience in one of the Master’s fields.

Tuition fees: 3,595 euros (2021/22 Academic Year) per year.

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This format, which is also taught in English and through distance learning, allows students who already have a degree equivalent to 4 years of higher education or relevant professional experience to complete the Master’s degree in only one year. Please be aware that this option requires a large amount of availability and time commitment! This option also provides the opportunity to compliment your studies with an apprenticeship in France (only for EU students or non-EU students already living in France).
You can find more information on the admissions page.
Tuition fees: 5,530 euros (2021/22 Academic Year) for those living or working abroad, free of charge for those doing an apprenticeship in France.

This option is the traditional format of the 2-year Multilingual Web Communication Master’s degree.

First year

The first year of the program is dedicated to acquiring the fundamentals in the fields related to web communication. With the completion of a professionally-driven group project (creating a multilingual website for a client), students are able to prepare for the apprenticeship contract carried out during the second year of the masters. Perfecting his or her skills in two foreign languages (English + German, Spanish, French as a Foreign Language or Japanese) also plays an important role.

Second year

During the second year, the student is able to specialize in their desired field thanks to his or her work-study apprenticeship. It is possible to do the apprenticeship in Strasbourg or elsewhere in France. Consequently, the student is required to find an apprenticeship contract before the start of the second year. If he or she wishes to spend this year outside of France (replacing the apprenticeship by any other professional experience, like a traineeship or a job), they will be required to pay for the courses themselves.

Read more about the program in detail here.

Tuition fees: 350 euros for the first year, second year is free if doing an apprenticeship in France. (5,530 euros (2021/22 Academic Year) for the second year if the student moves abroad).

Did you know?

All academic backgrounds are welcome in the CAWEB masters. You will have the opportunity to meet people with a different academic background or professional goal than your own. The diversity of our students is what makes the richness of the program.