Professionalization Contract

What is the Professionalization Contract?

The Professionalization Contract is an employment contract that offers a unique combination of work and part-time university studies.

The Professionalization Contract allows one to obtain university certified professional qualification which is recognized by the authorities. It consists theoretical classes held at the University of Strasbourg and the practical application of the acquired skills due to professional experience gained through professional insertion inside of a real company. The point of the contract is to allow young people and adults alike to enter the workforce (or to return after a period of inactivity) in the fields of translation and web development.

Who can benefit from the program


The Professionalization Contract is open to people in continuing education. It applies to people aged between 16 and 25 (regardless of their formerly achieved level of studies) as well as job seekers above the age of 26.

Citizens of a member state of the European Union (EU) and of the European Economic Area(EEA) can sign the contract under the same conditions and regulations as French citizens. However, a work permit is required for citizens from outside of the EU and the EEA.

For more information please contact DIRECCTE


Entities that can offer a Professionalization Contract

  • All private enterprises
  • Employer groups
  • Temporary work agencies
  • Seasonal employers
  • Industrial and commercial public enterprises
  • The shipowning companies

Warning: under the law, some entities, such as the state, local authorities or public administrative institutions are unable to offer Professionalization Contracts

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The advantages of a professionalization contract

The advantages of the Professionalization Contract

For the employees

Thanks to the Professionalization Contract the employee can benefit from free certified training (supported by the OPCA of the employer), that is recognized by the State while being paid throughout the duration of the contract. The minimum salary varies depending on the age and initial level of studies of the employee and generally varies from 70% to 80% of the French minimum wage (SMIC).

Beneficiary General framework Holder of a certification or degree (at least the bachelor or a degree of higher education)
Under 21 years of age 55% of the minimum wage legal in France or SMIC (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance) 65% of the minimum wage legal in France or SMIC (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance)
21 and over 70% of the minimum wage legal in France or SMIC (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance) 80% of the minimum wage legal in France or SMIC (Salaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance)
26 and over 85% of the conventional minimum or 100% of the minimum wage (if more favorable)

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The Professionalization Contract provides a proven professional experience of high quality: The beneficiaries of a Professionalization Contract are accompanied during their working period by a tutor who is tasked with welcoming them, helping them and guiding them throughout their work-study training.

Furthermore, employees under the age of 26 may, under certain conditions, receive a student card, allowing them to benefit from the same reductions as any other student enrolled at a French university (such as, access to the on-campus restaurant, student social housing, discounts at cinemas and theaters).

Work-study participants are entitled to CROUS university accommodations or a housing allowance if they fulfill the required conditions.

Employees under the age of 30 that have signed a Professionalization Contract with a private enterprise (excluding the agricultural sector) are entitled to benefit from the mobili-jeune program (l’aide mobili-jeune), which allows them to reduce the costs of their housing if certain conditions are met.

To find out more about this please consult the following site (available only in French)

For the organizations

For a business, the Professionalization Contract allows to recruit new employees trained and qualified.

This also helps to anticipate retirements and ensure the transmission of knowledge.

The Professionalization Contract also allows to benefit, as appropriate, from certain financial benefits for companies: management training, mentoring support, exemption of certain contributions and state aid. Financial aids are allocated to companies that employ under a Professionalization Contract some job seekers aged 26 and over, or employees of 45 and over.

The terms of the Professionalization Contract

Important: The Professionalization Contract is required to start at the very latest on the first day of the work-study training

The Professionalization Contract may be of limited duration CDD or Contrat à Durée Déterminée) from a period from 6 to 12 months. This period may be extended to 24 months in some cases.

This contract can even take the form of a permanent contract (CDI or Contrat à Durée Indéterminée).. In this case, it begins with an alternation period of a duration from 12 to 24 months.

What you need to do if you wish to sign a Professionalization Contract

The Professionalization Contract must be filled out on a CERFA form that is available on the following site: (only available in French)

Your contact person at the University of Strasbourg:

  • Université of Strasbourg
  • 21 rue du Maréchal Lefebvre
  • 67100 STRASBOURG


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cyrille rhein contrat pro temoignage

My name is Cyrille Rhein and I am currently in professionalization contract at Cuisine Schmidt where I am working as an assistant in digital marketing. The professionalization contract costs more for enterprises that is why it is harder but not impossible to get. My missions are varied ( web pages creation, creation of banners for the social media). Working for an internationally renowned group is a big chance and a big challenge. I have learned to work under time pressure and emergencies while managing the surrounding stress and believe this is the most important thing I have acquired during my apprenticeship .

Cyrille Rhein - Digital Marketing assistant