Who is the distance learning program for?

For the remote second year of master CAWEB, the target audiences are:

  • Employees, or self-employed people, who wish to resume their studies while being employed or freelancing
  • Job seekers receiving help from ‘Pôle emploi’ (the French employment center)
  • People of all age or work status living outside of France
  • Apprentices who are less than 30 years old with an apprenticeship location far from Strasbourg

The first three categories are classified under “continuing education”. People from those categories need to pay the registration fees of 5 420 euros.

If you live in France, you can also receive financial support from ‘Pôle Emploi’ or from your employer. You can also finance your CAWEB Master’s distance learning program yourself – this is the case for employees who do not have enough hours under the French Individual Training Right, for example.

Students who are less than 30 years old can enroll in the second year of the CAWEB Masters distance learning program. This is the “initial training” category, provided you have an apprenticeship contract.

As an apprenticeship student, you are exempted from registration fees. If you did not follow the first year of the CAWEB Masters but you want to follow the second year as an apprentice, please use the online admission form for direct entry into the second year.

Students wishing to apply must already have completed four years of higher education or have a meaningful professional experience in one of the fields taught by the Masters.

After several years in teaching, I wanted to evolve in my professional career and acquire new skills. I was naturally attracted by translation and digital technology, and the CAWEB Master 2 was the perfect fit for me. Distance learning also allowed me to combine family life, especially with children, while returning to my studies. The Master’s program is very complete. The teachers are experts in their field, they are dedicated and know how to share their knowledge.

To sum up, I am delighted to have followed this Master’s degree in continuing education because, from now on, new job prospects are open to me, especially in SEO web writing and translation.

Nadine V. – CAWEB Masters 2017/2018