Who is it for?

If you wish to be part of our next year’s cohort of students in e-learning, it is entirely possible. There are few conditions to be fulfilled : you must hold a diploma that equals our French “Bac+4” (to prove that you’ve been 4 years in a university or an upper school) and be employed, or an apprentice or be seeking employment.

The French Employment Agency, Pôle Emploi, or your employer can support you by providing you financial helps to pay your studies, but you are also free to self-finance your second year of Master Caweb in e-learning. That’s mostly what employees who don’t have enough hours under the DIF do. If you’re doing the apprenticeship training (only for initial training’s students), you’ll be exempt from fees. Being a second year of Master Caweb in distance-learning student represents a good way to keep working every day while benefiting from online courses in the evening, at home !

If you’re a student and hold the first Master Caweb year’s diploma or a diploma that attests you pass a first year of master, then you can directly apply to our e-learning formation online, by ticking “à distance”. Therefore you’ll be able to study in Master Caweb’s second year of Master in the whole country, thanks to distance-learning and online courses.

Do not wait anymore and join us in distance-learning !